FIFA 23: this cup allows you to obtain free envelopes from the main leagues

FIFA 23: this cup allows you to obtain free envelopes from the main leagues

The TOTS warm-up series kicked off in FIFA 23, and while no new cards have appeared in packs, we’ve got quite a bit of free content. And if certain Milestones allow you to obtain a guaranteed TOTS pack, others are TOTS League One Cup related.

I’m talking about an online tournament in which we will be able to play five games a day. They only allow us to use a league and a maximum of two awarded. And from today until Friday, April 28, ten matches would have to be won to claim all of the objective rewards.

The challenges allow FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Top Five League Player Packs. That is to say, in one of them only Premier League footballers can leave, in another from LaLiga Santander, etc. And obviously, I recommend opening them when their respective teams of the season are available.

Besides, the overall reward is a pack of five players +84. And as usually happens in such cases, all content would be non-transferable. I don’t think it’s as interesting as the recent Titans Trophy Cup because all the packs in this one guarantee an average and that’s not happening here. But anyway, these are free packs that you can get if you feel like it.

FIFA 23 – TOTS Warm Up Milestones

  • Expiration date: Friday, April 28, at seven o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Online Tournament Requirements (“TOTS League Cup”): They only allow a maximum of five matches per day. We can hardly use the maps of a league (although we choose the competition) and they allow to include up to two players on loan.
  • overall reward: Five Player Pack +84 Untradeable + 300 EXP.
  • Reward for winning 2 matches in the tournament: Non-transferable envelope of the best player in Serie A.
  • Reward for winning 4 matches in the tournament: Non-transferable Bundesliga Best Player Pack.
  • Reward for winning 6 matches in the tournament: Non-transferable envelope of the best LaLiga players.
  • Reward for winning 8 matches in the tournament: Non-transferable envelope best Ligue 1 player.
  • Reward for winning 10 matches in the tournament: Untradeable Premier League Top Players Pack.
These milestones barely last a week, but the cut will be available for almost fifty days. So there will probably be other targets related to her in the future.

I leave you here RTTF monitoring there the post on the best reasonably priced strikers for the major leagues. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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