Who has not dreamed of belonging to the family of The Serranos? The famous Mediaset series made us fall in love for eight seasons thanks to the funny stories that happened to the different members of the family led by Diego (Antonio Resines) and Lucia (Belén Rueda).

In addition to Diego and Lucía, in the series we follow the daily life of their children: Marcos, Eva, Tete, Guille and Curro. Now, for the series’ 20th anniversary, at LOS40, we wanted to know which member of the Los Serrano family you are.

You can be Diego, Lucía, Marcos, Eva, Tete, Guille or Curro. Depending on the answers you choose, one or the other will come out. So now you know, take our quiz and find out what role you have in the Los Serrano family!

twenty years of The Serranos

On April 22, 2003, it premiered on Telecinco Los Serrano. Who was to say that the series would become one of the most beloved and memorable television phenomena of the turn of the century? To celebrate this date, Fran Perea, who gave life to Marcos, gathered his cast mates to record a new version of One plus one is seven, the title song that the artist performed.

With a very moving video, Fran managed to move an entire country. And it is that Los Serrano are already part of the popular culture of Spain.

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