Although no new map was released on SBC or free to play last Monday, there is already a leak when a Squad Building Challenge appears for an Icon version already available for transfer. Well, something similar is happening now with four FIFA 23 items that we’ve seen in events before. And it is that, according to the Twitter account @nickycai2, Anniversary of El Shaarawy FUT, Szoboszlai Fantasy FUT, Jordi Alba Centurions and Willock Future Stars they respawned on targets.

FIFA 23 Leak – Four old maps in the objectives

I guess a lot of people won’t be surprised that cards from previous events can respawn on targets. It’s happened before on other occasions in FIFA 23. For example, on April 1, they arrived some challenges which got you Chiellini Winter Wildcards, Rebic Centurions, Kudus Future Stars and Ledsley King FUT Heroes. So this time something similar could happen.

I think these are not too special items because, Although most of them are usable, they also do not have very high prices in the market.. Other than that, we have even more compelling alternatives. For example, Jordi Alba Centurions is not bad but Miranda RTTF is even more interesting. And El Shaarawy FUT Birthday stands out with its five watermark stars, but barely reaches three for bad leg.

Although anyway, even if they are not very exclusive cards at the moment in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, at least these are high socks with which we could make future SBCs cheaper. So if the leak is true and it appears in the objectives, I think that would be good news.

These are the items that would appear in the objectives based on the leak. None are very expensive and exclusive, but they are usable and could make some SBCs cheaper (possible design thanks to

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