If you’re lost with so many movies on Netflix, here’s a compilation of the best movies of 2023

Netflix will release more than 70 original films in 2022and hundreds of third-party feature films that have formed a catalog of films up to expectations. In 2023, the situation has not changed much: a lot of own production that should be summarized in an article so as not to get lost and to be able to discover what are the best Netflix movies this year.

The Academy of Crimes – January 6, 2023

netflix kicked off 2023 with an ambitious film proposal, The Academy Murders, starring Christian Bale, Harry Melling there Gillian Anderson. Of course, keep in mind that this isn’t a film for all audiences: some will fall in love with its premise, while others will be bored after 30 minutes. A fairly classic detective film that does not risk for fear of losing.

Noise – January 11, 2023

One of the most pleasant surprises of recent months in the catalog of netflix been Noisea drama based on real events and filmed in Mexico that tells us the story of Julia, one of the many mothers, sisters, daughters or friends whose lives have been shattered by violence against women. However, Critics ranked it among the best Mexican films of the year.and although it is uncomfortable to see through the rudeness of some of his sequencesIt is essential work.

Lost Dog is an animal drama that will thrill those who have dogs

Lost dog – January 13, 2023

We all love dog movies.because they are so pretty, so cuquis and so exciting… Rob Lowe there Kimberly Williams-Paisley star in this true-to-life drama about a missing dog. A boy and his parents will be tasked with searching for him desperately, as he suffers from a serious illness that requires medication so that he does not die.

Jung_E – January 20, 2023

South Korea makes very good films, but sometimes it goes too far and Young It is a good example. This sci-fi drama to try make a philosophical portrait of the identity and the danger of new technologiesbut it remains subdued due to a fairly large action component (and also, something generic).

narvik netflix
Narvik is a powerful war thriller set in the 1940s

Narvik – January 23, 2023

The story behind Narvík It’s totally real, and it’s undoubtedly the best of a war movie that brings us closer to a little-known conflict of World War II which took place in 1940 in a small town in Norway. The movie is okay, though, but pretty classic in all aspects: a routine drama that won’t change your life the way it did. No news at the front Last year.

People Like You – January 27, 2023

The greatest interest of people like you it’s to do Eddie Murphy in a leading role after the huge interpretive failure that was The King of Zamunda. Beyond that, this new comedy by netflix It’s quite interesting, especially since it knows how to be a romantic comedy without being too sugary.

pamela anderson documentary
Pamela Anderson’s documentary about her love life

Pamela: a love story – January 31, 2023

Pamela Anderson It was another broken American toy, and the list goes on. However, this documentary touches on a very interesting subject about the life of this celebrity: how society treated women before, and how it treats them now, through Anderson’s beautiful personality.

Viking Wolf – February 3, 2023

I don’t remember many werewolf movies that were particularly good, because I think Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban it doesn’t count, right? However, viking wolf It conforms to everything a band of its kind should provide: terrifying scenes, good special effects and a story with dialogue full of cliches.

infiesto netflix
Infiesto is a Spanish Netflix thriller set in the mining area of ​​Asturias

Infest – February 3, 2023

At the beginning of the year, I had the honor of seeing infested ahead of the rest of Netflix subscribers. In addition, I interviewed its director (Patxi Amezcua) and its protagonists (Iria del Rio e isaac ferris). In this talk, we reflect on the importance of whodunnit classicgenre this movie belongs to netflix which, at least for me, convinced me a lot.

Free Spirit – February 3, 2023

The story of Jessica Watson It deserved to be said, yes, the result of this film is more classic than I would have liked. Instead of delving into the negative side of the feat achieved by this 16-year-old girl (to go around the world alone for more than 200 days), the adventure was romanticized in a rather ignorant way. It is obvious that the director wanted create a story that would inspire teenage girls, however dangerous the idea might be.

your house or mine
Your house or mine is an unpretentious romantic comedy

Your house or mine – February 10, 2023

The ace Romantic comedy It’s a genre that bets a lot on clichés, but I think your house or mine dispensation from certain stereotypes in the classicism expected in a film starring Reese Witherspoon there Ashton Kutcher. That way, however little you like to see love at its best, Your House or Mine is one of the best movies on Netflix.

identity unlocked
Unlocked Identity has gained public acceptance on Netflix

Identity unlocked – February 17, 2023

And whodunnit Korean that grabs you and doesn’t let you breathe until its ending, which very few will have seen due to its zero publicity. It’s one of the best original movies on Netflix in the first quarter of 2023.

The Strangers – February 22, 2023

I’m tired of similar titles: Observer as a series of netflix created by ryan murphy in 2022; The Stranger as a movie released in theaters in March 2023 and strangers like tv movie more typical of a Saturday afternoon where you feel like taking a nap.

A ghost is loose in the house – February 24, 2023

In David Harbor can save this family-friendly horror-comedy that promised to be the start of a new saga for netflixbut that fell far enough short of satisfying the platform of streaming.

It’s You – March 3, 2023

Delicious Spanish romantic comedy that moves away from all the stereotypes of the genre to present us with a film very well written and interpreted, and skilfully directed by the filmmaker responsible for Five Wolves, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. alvaro cervantes It is already the right eye of all those who work in the genre, because in crazy for her also shone.

Luther: Night Falls – March 10, 2023

Despite Luther being one of the best series of the last decade, Luther: Night Falls doesn’t do as well as a movie. Gives the feeling of being a tv movie with a high budget (as I already said in your review) that doesn’t allow for more than one chapter of TV fiction. However, It’s always good to tell Idris Elba in a film, proving that it must be considered as a possible james bond in the future.

The Sorcerer’s Elephant – March 17, 2023

Animated cinema still operates in netflix there The magician’s elephant is good proof of that. The first movie of wendy roger It’s a great adventure for all audiences who although it has a predictable plot (according IGN), manages to be pretty enough for the little ones in the house. In addition, animation will conquer adults who are not assiduous in the genre: reaches a very high technical level.

netflix furies
Furies is the prequel to the hit Fury

Furies – March 23, 2023

Furies is the prequel to success Angera film that swept the world in 2019 thanks to the role of netflix. Despite this episode not being as memorable as that one, it still has some brutal action scenes and a devilish pacing. Perfect for martial arts enthusiasts and whodunnit Asian.

Flight of Thieves – March 24, 2023

And whodunnit about kidnappings and thefts at 12,000 meters altitude and produced entirely in India. A unique opportunity to discover what is the local production of this country that goes beyond Bollywood music.

Criminals in sight – March 31, 2023

Adam Sandler there Jennifer Aniston they start again tandem In criminals in sightFollowing criminals at sea. He has everything wrong with this one, but also everything that hooked viewers; It’s still one of the most successful films of all time for a reason. netflix throughout its history. Good? It’s only 89 minutes long, so it goes by in a heartbeat.

box son debe morir netflix
Boksoon Must Die is an addictive Korean thriller

Boksoon Must Die – March 31, 2023

It is whodunnit The Korean had its premiere at 2023 Berlin Film Festival Berlinale Special and got great reviews. It may not be as imaginative as I thought due to its premise, but the reviews speak for themselves. At work, she is a notorious assassin. At home, she is a single mother. For her, killing sucks…but raising her teenage daughter sucks. Does this synopsis catch your eye?

Chupa – April 7, 2023

Jonas Cuaronthe son of Alphonse Cuarondecided to devote himself to his father’s profession and made his film debut with Bottlea film that drinks a lot of classics like AND the alien to provide us with a fantastic adventure for the whole family and with many adventures. A delicious cover letter for a filmmaker from whom we can expect great things. It happens in the family!

Hunger – April 8, 2023

If you like me The menu, Hunger it will fascinate you As if it was shot as a Thai response to this masterpiece, we follow the story of Oha street cook who finds himself in the kitchens of the prestigious Chief Paul. But join the teamHunger“only teaches him the great economic, social and cultural inequalities in which his country is immersed…

Phenomena – April 14, 2023

Phenomena is one of those films that has divided critics and audiences; In his review, I told you that the last film of Carlos Theroncon Belen Rueda, Gracia Olayo there Toni Acosta As protagonists, I was very disappointed. But to subscribers of netflix They liked it a lot, so as we say in these cases, people have spoken.

Phenomena is a kind of Spanish-style Warren filewith a very interesting comic touch and based on real facts because it is a kind of authorized biography of the mythical Hepta group.

Seven Kings Must Die – April 14, 2023

After the death of King Edward, Uhtred of Bebbanburg and their comrades venture across a fractured kingdom in hopes of finally uniting England. Seven Kings Must Die is the long-awaited conclusion to The Last Kingdoma British series which, after five seasons, has decided to say goodbye with a film that lives up to expectations.

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