Boruto: The manga announces a long break, but has a return date

Boruto: The manga announces a long break, but has a return date

Boruto“It’s in what we can define as a preparation time. The anime has been in the freezer for a few weeks now since its part 1 was stopped, but knowing that a part 2 had been given the green light to prepare its production. Now we’ve discovered that part of that decision may have been down to the manga also ended up announcing its own hiatus, and it’s not exactly a short.

Boruto has now completely stopped his manga and anime

So I leave you with all information that MangaMogura has collected on the projects of “Boruto” in the coming months:

  • From what has been reported, Once the new Boruto manga chapter is released on Friday, April 21, the release will enter a long-term hiatus..
Boruto Manga Shutdown Adds to Previously Announced Anime Shutdown
  • Yes, peace of mind because we know how long he will be inactive since the Boruto manga: a total of 4 months. Not only that, but there’s even a date for his return: August 21, 2023.. In other words, on paper, it seems that the situation is perfectly planned.
  • The reason why the decision was made for the manga to go on hiatus for so many months is also known, i.e. Boruto will start a new arc for his story.
  • At this point It is totally unknown what this new intrigue of Boruto which requires so many months of preparation will deal with, although we will surely receive some kind of advance as we get closer to his return.

If it was already understandable that the “Boruto” anime stopped releasing new chapters upon learning how it approached the manga and the production issues it suffered more recently, the decision becomes even more logical knowing now that the manga will be coming. to do the exact same thing. It may be a bit of a chilly 2023 for “Boruto” fans, but surely from 2024 the franchise will be treading water again..

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