In addition to the free special versions of CONMEBOL Libertadores there additional rewards for FUT champions, Today, First Acquisition Party reappeared in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And one more week lets you get a FUT Birthday Swaps token.

Remember that these challenges changed their prices last week and they now look more interesting. Actually, his final reward includes a five-player +84 pack. Although, as always in this type of content, everything will be non-transferable.

To complete the group, we would have to win a total of seven online friendlies and we can only play a maximum of twelve. Although to get the FUT Birthday Swaps token, it would hardly be necessary to achieve a triumph.

FIFA 23 – “First Acquisition” Objectives

  • Expiration date: Tuesday, April 11, at seven o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Online Tournament Requirements (“Local Eleven”): All our footballers must be “first acquisition” and they do not allow us to take out loans. In addition to the fact that, while these objectives are available, we can only play a maximum of twelve matches.
  • overall reward: Five Player Unique Pack +84 Untradeable + 100 EXP.
  • First Win Reward: Rare Gold Two Player Pack +83 Untradeable + FUT Birthday Swaps Token + 100 XP.
  • Third Victory Reward: 3 Player Pack +83 Untradeable + 100 XP.
  • 7th Victory Reward: Two Player Pack +84 Untradeable + 100 XP.
  • Reward for playing seven matches: Rare Gold Two Player Pack +81 Untradeable + 100 EXP.
To get the token, it would be enough to defeat the first objective (win a friendly match).

Remember that from the Telegram broadcast channel You can find out when we release content about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Here you have a recommendation for the central position there Gattuso Icon FUT Anniversary review. Good luck!


FIFA 23 Standard Edition PS4 |  castellano

FIFA 23 Standard Edition PS4 | castellano

  • FIFA World Cup: Enjoy the pinnacle of international football with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, there will be more information at tournament dates are approaching.
  • Women’s Football: Play for the first time in EA SPORTS FIFA history with women’s football clubs, with the arrival of Barclays FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema at the launch of FIFA 23
  • Gameplay: Shooting mechanics based on the balance between risk and reward, free kicks, penalties and corners, as well as more realistic physics add more variety to the game of the world

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