Even though it’s Wednesday, we no longer have any new TOTW in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It looks like we’ll have to wait until Friday to see another transferable team (and already Leaks have emerged about the Premier League), but in any case, a silver free to play has appeared. This is Milan van Ewijk TOTS and Your objectives will be available until May 10. In addition, one of them (the one that requires winning three games in the Silver Room) allows you to obtain 1,250 EXP points.

Dutch in the Eredivisie. Positions: RF and CAD. He has three skill stars and a bad leg, medium/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’75 tall and right handed. I advise to use it with Anchor.

As happened last week, this free to play money surprises with some of its statistics. Rhythm 95 is great because it will allow us to use it with Anchor and have it be fast anywaythus increasing his decent strength by 77.

80 intelligence is somewhat low for the current moment of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but his 91 interceptions are impressive. It will achieve perfection with chemistry, so it should not be moved behind.

While with the ball, they are mostly worried about sending them into space. Van Ewijk TOTS will combine just 70 vision with 66 long passes. But his 83 short passing is more decent and the overall dribble of 83 will probably work better in the game. For although he falls short in some attributes, he reaches 95 in agility and 90 in balance.

The three stars from skill and bad leg are another obvious miss, but due to his 88 in positioning, he’ll make very smart disables. And although the offensive work rate is average, the defense is great. Something not very common on the sides by FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Logically, among the event cards we find more compelling options. But due to its characteristics, van Ewijk TOTS could even perform decently on normal teams if you’re looking to try out unusual players.

And in the silver eleven, I hope he stands out a lot. As I commented Hadji Wrightit seems to me one of the most interesting free games in this range. And it also allows you to add experience to progress in the current season pass.

FIFA 23 – Objetivos de Milan van Ewijk Free TOTS

  • Expiration date: Wednesday, May 10, at seven o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Overall reward: Free Milan van Ewijk TOTS.
  • Individual reward of all objectives: Untradeable two-player pack. In addition to this, in the “Win 3” objective, we receive 1,250 EXP points. for the current season pass.
  • Gana 3: Win 3 matches in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Room.
  • Mark 8: Score 8 goals in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Room.
  • Assist 6: Assist on 6 live goals FUT Friendly: Sala Plata.

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