After the crash of Shazam! The fury of the gods, at DC they follow very closely what will happen to their universe of superheroes. We already know that the new board of directors of James Gunn will bet on a renewal of the plot in which the key characters of the brand will be others, so the projects that remain to be released are the subject of a public scrutiny. And of the flash It’s one of them.

The movie about the fast hero will talk about multiverse, a card that can play in your favor as long as everything is well put together for the future. As has been done in other sagas, for example in x-men con future past days– could serve to plug the plot holes that have been presented in so many unrelated projects, though that remains to be seen.

Hopes are pinned on its premiere, which will show a film full of new and well-known faces. For example, we will see for the first time a Supergirl on the big screen interpreted by sasha street; while you can also enjoy Michael Keaton oh Ben Affleck returning to his Batman roles.

Whether it was due to casting, special effects, or even ambition, the big question about the film was what budget was met. And if it’s not for doubt how much it costs to do a project of this caliber, at least it’s an interesting fact to know to try and figure out how much success you can make it profitable.

Until now it was a mystery, but the Canadian news portal Radio Canada solved it with a feature story about one of his Oscar-winning managers. In the interview, Paul Austerberry talked about some of the keys to the film – from how the time plane between the multiverses works to how they picked up some of Bruce Wayne’s most defining elements -, in addition to naming the detail of your budget.

Number of the flash

According to the article, the flash it has a budget of $220 million; something that makes it one of the most expensive movies in the entire DC Extended Universe. Of course, despite being one of those at the top, He’s not the one leading the list.

Many might think that being a film with so many characters and narratives it could take the top spot, but The Justice League won by a landslide. He’s the big winner with a budget of $300 million.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follows closely with 250, while Iron man finishes ahead with 250. Without surpassing it, there are other titles such as Aquaman oh The Suicide Squadwhich does not even reach 200 million. Will this reasonable ranking position be the key to going straight into profitability?

the flash opens June 16 in theaters.

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