After the SBCs for nkunku, Gattuso there Jonathan Bamba; Today several cards appeared in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and one of them is Pedro Rodríguez FUT Birthday. Your Modeling Challenge is available until April 17, the player does not have a high cost but still has perfect stars. Could he be someone valuable even if it’s not expensive? Let’s analyze it.

Positions: EI, MI, SD and ED. Its SBC currently costs around 118,000 coins in the general market and 122,300 on PC. He has five stars for skill and bad leg, high/low work rate, body type Short and lean, he is 1’68 and right handed.

FIFA 23 – Pedro Rodríguez Anniversary Analysis FUT

we consider it one of the bargains of the season, a brutal letter. Especially if you are good with watermarks, you intend to use it indoors and do not abuse the backlash. I wish he had extra shooting points, but he will have a lot of resources to create chances. And that’s why we’re very excited.

Performance over long distances should be the big weak point Pedro’s FUT Birthday. Because if he reaches a balanced pace of 98 with Cazador, he measures barely 1’68 and does not exceed 50 in strength. So when he’s running at full speed, it stands to reason that beefy defenders can throw him off balance quite easily. Even more in the next-gen version of FIFA 23.

However, at short distances he should be a brutal attacker if you master the skills. Because his physical conditions will make interesting dribbling numbers even more interesting in the game. And because this quality with the ball will allow his filigree five and his bad leg to take a greater advantage.

We hope Pedro FUT’s birthday is one of the most unbalanced footballers in FIFA 23 in individual situations near the goal. For his electric dribbling and for all the resources the stars will give him. Although yes, he shouldn’t be so top in terms of marksmanship.

Unfortunately, completion (85), shot power (85) and long shot (86) attributes are only correct. He’ll grab a lot of clear opportunities through them, but he won’t be your typical Ultimate Team killer finisher. It’s normal for you to lose a few chances from time to time.

His positioning of 88 is more convincing and he has both the Outside Shot and Quality Shot traits. Except that will be a level wizard to combine 92 vision and 91 short passing. Even at this point in FIFA 23, those are pretty good stats. Like his 88 stamina.

Therefore, we only expect an acceptable performance from Pedro FUT Birthday in the long run as he will be fast but vulnerable to grappling. And it could be much more accurate when shooting. Even if, despite these shortcomings, we believe that it a great striker. Especially for those who are skilled with watermarks and if it will appear frequently inside.

Main Lazio FIFA 23 Ultimate Team special versions
In his club we hardly find usable cards, but Felipe Anderson RTTF is very cheap and works well.

So is it worth it?

we consider it one of the most interesting SBC players of the year. As for the deluxe cards, it should be worse due to its lack of strength and because the finishing stats and shot power are far from top notch. But still, it’s amazing to combine their numbers and stars for so little.

For its characteristics, remember Mkhitaryan FUT birthday last year. To be a very cheap striker, with perfect stars and standing out in most attributes. So we definitely recommend it, especially if you as a user are skilled with watermarks and usually dominate matches through possession (because in the long run it should be more vulgar).

In his club we find few decent options, but Serie A has very useful cards for different budgets. In addition to Spain receives very interesting but affordable special versions in FIFA 23. Options like Miranda RTTF, De Marcos Fantasy FUT or Pedri Honorable Mentions are excellent. And maybe you have Junior Firpo FUT ballerinas.

It therefore seems to us one of the standout SBCs of the season, we’d do it even if he didn’t fit into the starting XI. Out of disgust he shouldn’t stand out in the run, but receiving the ball close to the goal could be very good.

Spain FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Competitive Card Examples
Spain has some of the main FIFA 23 Ultimate Team deals (cards thanks to

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Hunter: As it will be physically very fragile, we recommend increasing the speed as much as possible. Acceleration and sprint will hit 98 and his shooting stats will not be brutal but correct (92 positioning, 93 finishing and 89 shooting power).

CCS Solution

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Minimum team star value: 86
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Pedro FUT Anniversary
118,000 coins in general market and 122,300 in PC

The Pedro Rodríguez FUT Anniversary Squad Building Challenge will be available in FIFA 23 until April 17. Here are the sequels Fantasy FUT Cards there Fantasy FUT Heroes. Also the link to the Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we release Ultimate Team content. Good luck!

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