e Koei Tecmo and Gust have launched a new Biggest Ryza 3 April 3, 2023 patch, which resolves a reported depth of field issue on all platforms. This update also fixes some issues with textures and icons under certain circumstances. Additionally, Koei Tecmo said that future updates will bring additional graphics options.

This new patch aims to fix a depth of field issue that was causing anything in the distance to appear very blurry from the player’s perspective. This setting will also make the depth of field shallower throughout the game. However, more detailed graphics options for all platforms will be added in later updates as previously announced.

This is not the only change. The patch also fixes a bug that caused water surface textures to disappear and improves response time when connecting normal and ability attacks. In terms of platform-specific changes, the size of the copyright notice has been adjusted for PS4 and PS5 screenshots. With the Steam release, an issue affecting key icons when using a 4k monitor has also been fixed.

The previous patch also fixed display issues and bugs on all platforms. In particular, they fixed a bug where a quest-related item was not appearing as expected, halting all game progress.

Biggest Ryza 3 is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC, and the patch update that fixes the depth of field issue is now available for all platforms.

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