The Premier League Team of the Season will appear in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team very soon (and there have been leaks on him), but we can now use the blue cards of the English competition. And although some are quite interesting, today I want advises you not to sign Aké TOTS. A central defender who surpassed 300,000 coins shortly after his arrival, who with the secure transferable Dutch pack has dropped in price a lot but still costs over 200,000 coins. And although his stats are good, in the game he is not as good.

Positions: DFC and LI. Its current price is 234,000 coins on the global market and 225,000 on PC (according to He has two stars for skill and three for bad leg, medium/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and left-handed. I advise to use it with Shadow.

FIFA 23 – Why Aké TOTS is not interesting?

His defensive numbers are very good in general, but the 90 in intelligence could be even higher and is no longer very remarkable. The acceleration of 90 is brutal for a DFC and it also reaches an interesting force of 93.

However, Aké TOTS suffers from a significant weakness as he combines his skinny height of 1’80 with Balanced Body Type and barely 83 sprint. This is what makes the Dutch footballer less interesting than many other centre-backs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Even more in the next-gen version.

The key is that, although with its accuracy and speed off the start, it usually doesn’t collide over short distances, there are specific times when the sprint and its lack of scale take their toll. Simply because it doesn’t have the speed or physical strength of many other alternatives.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, It is increasingly easy to find DFCs of exceptional strength, which are around 1’90 and have a sprint more or less close to 90. Thanks to these conditions, they are reliable players when the opponent surprises us and runs at maximum speed. However, Aké TOTS does not have this virtue.

If you get it as a non-tradable product and you don’t want to spend coins or it’s absolutely essential to create a very interesting hybrid, you can try it. In most actions, he generally complies. But the ideal would be to use other power plants and it is not difficult to obtain them without spending much larger sums.

For example, in the Premier League accounts with Laporte Historias of the Copa Mundial and with Fofana RTTF for less than 175,000 pieces in the general market. They don’t have such incredible acceleration, but they camouflage it with physical power, intelligence, and cutting precision. And during long runs, they are more confident footballers.

Whereas in the Netherlands, I would even prefer Geertruida TOTS. Very affordable letter (barely around 60,000 pieces) but still quite good. Because if his intelligence of 89 is not brutal and he does not benefit from a great height (1’85), he has a privileged sprint (90).

so even if some Aké TOTS stats are quite promising, I recommend avoiding it. Because he usually conforms to most actions, but sometimes he’s out of place because he combines a short stature with a very improvable sprint. This keeps it from being one of the best options in its price range.

And above all we can note the weakness commented on against the typical big attackers but of a good level (like Fernando Torres Trophy Titans, for example).

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