If they ask me to mention a game that is cooperative, competitive and fun at the same timewithout a doubt, it’s fall guys. The number of good times I spend playing in company is enormous, especially when, in addition to having good bites, there are those desperate laughs when you can’t move forward because the opponent starts to catch you as if there was no tomorrow. .

fall guys It has many game modes to enjoy, but its gaming community has always called for adding a specific one. The way I talk is ‘level builder’ and which is present in many other games. It looks like the constant calling has paid off as this one will eventually arrive in the next few days. Yes, as I tell you and, in addition, I will tell you the exact day you can enjoy it.

Fall Guys Creator Mode will be available from…

  • Creative Construction, as it will be called, is set to launch on next May 10, 2023.
  • He will be part of the game season 4.
  • This game mode It was presented yesterday through a trailer which I will then share.
  • In addition to its presentation trailer, the developer has shared a tutorial to show it to the community.

Mediatonic Creative Director Joe Walsh He is very happy with the arrival of this new game mode:

“It’s the biggest change we’ve ever made to the game and it’s really exciting to give players the keys to the kingdom.”

“Mediatonic’s development team will use the creative tools to create levels exclusively for the game and with this we will be able to release more content than ever before.”

Fall Guys is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC via the following link.

Learn more about the ‘Creative Build’ mode

  • The game You will not need updates to correct your errors, since these will be resolved automatically.
  • Once players have created their own level, they will get a code to share it with other players so, enjoy your creation.
  • The developer will select the best creations each week and share it so other players can access it.

What do you think of the arrival of this new mode? The truth is that I really want to see how far the creativity of the players goes.

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