If we discussed a while ago the leak on a Premier League Showdown, we now have to talk about another one that points to the teams of the season. Because according to the Twitter account @nickycai2a FIFA 23 SBCs of daily upgrades will be released. And if we completed them all, we would get a TOTS player.

It looks like the leaker doesn’t specify this, but I guess it would refer to the typical daily SBC buff that usually appears in certain events. The classic that is tied to a group of objectives and can be completed every twenty-four hours. So that, when we do it many times we get certain rewards.

Maybe the final prize in the goal group would be a guaranteed TOTS pack. And, although there were no leaks, it wouldn’t be strange if we could also get other interesting packs through daily improvement. Basically because it’s happened before in other Ultimate Team festivities.

If what was said happened and EA Sports didn’t change the dynamic of the other celebrations much, it would probably be very simple to secure this TOTS. Because daily upgrade SBC requirements are usually extremely easy. For example, on FUT’s anniversary, they almost never asked for a bronze card.

And the big question would be whether the TOTS player the leaker is talking about would be a specific free card or one of the transferable teams in the event. But I think the latter is more likely.I guess it would be a coincidence among those that appear in the packs.

From what the leaker says, I suspect this could be very similar content to what we saw on FUT Birthday. And perhaps the ultimate reward for a set of goals would be a guaranteed TOTS pack.

Remember that on the Telegram broadcast channel We notify you when we upload news about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. and There you go the list of possible cards from the random SBC that arrived yesterday. Cheers!

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