Fashion trends mark the change of season and if the new carrycot campaign comes out, Loewe, it means that summer is already here. This April 20, the Paula’s Ibiza campaign went on sale with the creations of this season.

“Music catalyzes creative energy for a relaxed lifestyle,” reads the campaign photographed by Sorrento Gray for the creative direction of jonathan anderson. And yes, it already makes us dream of flying to Ibiza and starting to enjoy the sun and the beach.

@loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2023 @jonathan.anderson ILoveUuuu // My first campaign “, he shared on the networks Karl G. who is leading this campaign. “Karol G being Loewe muse is one of my fashion dreams come true“, assured Mia Khalifa.

A campaign that comes just after a few days ago the Colombian singer attacked the cover of GQ for the excessive editing of her photos.

“The latest installation of the annual summer collection is a tribute to Ibiza’s unique ability to combine music and creative energies in a laid-back, all-encompassing lifestyle,” the firm explains.

campaign partners

She is not alone in this campaign but she is accompanied by other famous faces such as Bad girl oh guitarricadelafuentealso musicians like her, who have already posed with these precious bags.

By the way, they also have a charitable purpose. “For every Iraca and LOEWE Font Tote basket sold, LOEWE will donate 15 euros to the local communities that make them by hand. The donation will help create a university scholarship program in Colombia and build an artisanal training school in Madagascar,” says Loewe.

It also has the international model Emily Ratajkowski who not so long ago was caught giving a passionate kiss with Harry Styles. Next to her, Devin Halbal, Mason Hyce Barnes oh Alewya.

Of course, you have to prepare your pocket because you have to pay from 850 euros to get one of these models.

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