Although FUT Birthday content continues to arrive on FIFA 23 (like Jonathan Bamba’s promising letter oh the downloadable versions of the mini-launch), matches that decide Fantasy FUT Heroes upgrades continue to be played. And although the results were positive a few weeks ago, the last day was much worse.

Barely one of the footballers was able to get an upgrade (Fernando Morientes), while many of them lost the undefeated. The clubs that represent them have been beaten in the league, so they won’t be able to add the two upgrades in Ultimate Team. Other than that, some old players haven’t even gotten the first boost yet.

FIFA 23 – Second Follow-up Fantasy FUT Heroes

They had already received the upgrade to win and are still undefeated

Teams representing these Fantasy FUT Heroes have already played two league matches since March 17. Therefore, to get the final boost in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, they are expected to avoid defeat in the next four league matches.

  • Jean-Pierre Papin and Abedi Pelé (Olympique de Marseille): After drawing against Montpellier, the next rivals will be Lorient, Troyes, Olympique de Lyon and Auxerre.
  • David Ginola (Newcastle): Manchester United have won and the next league matches will be against West Ham, Brentford, Aston Villa and Tottenham.
  • mario gomez (Fiorentina): After beating Inter Milan, the next league games will be against Spezia, Atalanta, Monza and Sampdoria.
  • John Capdevila (Villarreal): They beat Real Sociedad and their next rivals will be Real Madrid, Valladolid, Sevilla and Espanyol.
  • Sami Al-Jaber (Al Hilal): After winning against Al Khaleej, the next rivals will be Al Feiha, Al-Shabab, Al Ta’ee and Al Baten.
  • Dirk Kuyt (Feyenoord): After beating Sparta Rotterdam, your team will need to go undefeated against Waalwijk, Cambuur, Utrecht and Excelsior to receive another upgrade in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

They had already received the upgrade to win but they lost

These Fantasy FUT have already added the first upgrade in FIFA 23 as their teams have won. But since they lost later, they will no longer update their stats.

  • Raphael Marquez (New York Red Bulls)
  • Jay-Jay Okocha (Fenerbahce SK)
  • Kevin Kewell (Leeds United)
  • Anthony Di Natale (Udinese)
  • Dirk Kuyt (Fyenoord):
  • Lars Ricken (Borussia Dortmund)

He got the victory upgrade but had already lost before

  • Fernando Morientes (Real Madrid)
After the upgrade he will receive soon, Morientes Fantasy FUT Heroes will not be able to improve further because the team that represents him lost the undefeated in the first game of the series.

I haven’t gotten any upgrades yet

  • Mario Gomez (Stuttgart) (2 games played and lost without defeat): they lost again and are last in the Bundesliga. To add the only improvement to which he aspires, the team that represents him must win against Bochum, Dortmund, Augsburg or Mönchengladbach.
  • ivan cordoba (Inter Milan) (2 games played and lost unbeaten): They lost to Fiorentina and their next league rivals will be Salernitana, Monza, Empoli and Lazio.
  • Ledsley King (Tottenham) (Only one game played and they are tied): Today he could get the first upgrade if the team representing him beats Everton. And if that doesn’t happen, it could be further improved by games against Brighton, Bournemouth, Newcastle and Manchester United.
  • Al Owairan seed (Al-Shabab) (Only one game played and they are tied): Will decide whether or not to get upgrades against Al Hilal, Al Khaleej, Al Ittihad, Al-Fateh and Al-Ettifaq.
  • Peter Crouch (Liverpool) (only played one game and lost unbeaten): Since the club representing him lost to Manchester City, he will no longer be able to obtain both upgrades. But yes one of them if they win the league against Chelsea, Arsenal, Leeds, Nottingham Forest or West Ham.
  • Park Ji Sung (Manchester United) (Only one game played and lost unbeaten): Lost unbeaten in the first game and the boost to win will be decided against Brentford, Everton, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham and Aston Villa.

Hope the follow up is helpful. Remember that on the Telegram broadcast channel We notify you whenever we upload content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. and There you go Guide there Free FUT Anniversary Highlights Analysis. Cheers!

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