I remember reading an interview months ago with The confidential A Fernando Ramallo, a 43-year-old Spanish actor who spoke candidly about the situation of the film and television industry in our country. In this conversation, we find out that he’s still an artist, but he’s also had streaks where “that’s one more” in the line of unemployment. And it is surprising, because there was a time when this actor could have become a star, being even nominated for a Goya in 1997 for Best New Actor for his role in Country roads.

How can anyone love Fernando Ramallo goes from in 90s moviesbegging for work because you don’t get as many offers as you deserve? What happened to Fernando Ramallo? What about him now?

When cinema catches up with Fernando Ramallo

You knew that Fernando Ramallo You didn’t want to be an actor? filmmaker David Trueba He went to a high school to do a casting for his first movie, The good lifeand fixed on Fernando Ramallo after testing more than a thousand candidates. It had something to do with it, didn’t it? Well, at only 15 years old, the young Fernando was already shooting his new film; the following year he recorded Country roadscon Antonio Resins, Maribel Verdu there Antonio de la Tour. And in 1997 he was nominated for this role at the Goya Awards for Best New Actor. Some critics have described his performance as a lifeline to become the future of Spanish cinema.

Fernando Ramallo beyond cinema

In this interview with Fernando Ramallothe actor claimed to have had to work for years in professions other than cinema: “I had to start working on other things because nothing came out. I was a telemarketer, I hosted children’s parties, I was a salesperson in a clothing store… people would walk into the store and freak out (…). It was depressing. The normal thing is to start working on anything and end up as an actor; my career has been reversed“.

Fernando Ramallo hasn’t had it easy in the film industry

For this reason, although in recent years he has also been linked to cinema and television, he has had to combine works: “if you join one job to another, it gives to survive. And membership is difficult, because in the theater there are no ‘castings’: the directors call their friends, with whom they know how to work“.

In short, the life of Fernando Ramallo It’s a roller coaster: it has gone from touching glory in the 90s to a secondary whose latest projects are almost 40 (2018), What happened to Jorge Sanz? (2016) y right to dream (2019).

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