OSCEOLA COUNTY, Florida. – The first families to benefit from the Pathway to Housing program, which offers financial aid, education and assistance to families in need, were announced at a press conference on Monday.

The Pathway to Housing program provides families with one year of rent payment, allowing them to save what they would have spent on rent for a down payment on their own home through home buying, education in credit and financial education courses, families learn the skills needed for long term financial stability.

The program is designed to help families break the cycle of housing insecurity by giving them the tools they need to realize their dream of home ownership and financial stability.

It is also the result of a collaboration between The Salvation Army, Housing 4 All, and Osceola County, and provides financial aid, education, and assistance to families in need.

The Salvation Army and Housing 4 All are matching families’ savings to double the down payment on their own home in Osceola County.

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