A crime wave took place over the weekend in a popular shopping district in Glendale, where at least 10 businesses were robbed within hours.

Surveillance video inside one of the businesses shows the thieves breaking down the front door, taking cash and any other valuables they might find.

All of the businesses are within a few miles of each other and some of them are even side by side on Colorado Boulevard.

The owner of the vehicle was working in a house when her car was stolen.

The owners of one of these businesses repaired the damage suffered after the glass broke and the thieves left everything in a mess.

“I’ve lived in Glendale all my life and you don’t usually hear this stuff in this town, so it’s kind of weird that it happens quite often and with multiple businesses,” said Daniel Skaf, owner. from the Rockbird restaurant.

“It’s disturbing to be honest.”

Skaf also said their business was robbed in January, but it’s really not a big deal for them.

Police are still trying to investigate whether the series of robberies was a coordinated event with multiple people involved. At this time, they have no description of anyone who may have been involved.

This story first appeared on Telemundo 52’s sister station NBCLA. Click on here to read this story in English.

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