Fortnite is going crazy in May thanks to the new Star Wars event called Find the Force, with which we can buy various skins from the George Lucas universe, use the lightsaber again in games or even get free rewards of any type. And justly The information I want to share in this article concerns this last type of objects.

The thing is, Epic Games has already announced all the details we need to check out the new friend reset campaign in fortnite. You know: that event that happens from time to time around the game in which we can get free rewards by inviting friends who have not played it for a long time to the battle royale again. That said, I will tell you what rewards there are this time and how they are obtained.

When does the Fortnite 2023 Reboot Campaign start and end?

  • The campaign has already started so you can already participate in it to get the rewards
  • The campaign will end on May 30.

How does the new Fortnite 2023 reboot campaign work?

  • Whether you’re an active player, a newcomer, or coming back after a while, open the friends tab in the lobby sidebar and you will find the Reboot Campaign panel
  • Active players will see a list of friends who are new or returned to the game who you can team up with to complete additional Reboot campaign missions and objectives
  • If it’s your first time or you’re coming back to the game after a while, you’ll see active friends and other players in your situation to join to complete said additional missions and objectives
  • Instead of forming a team right away, you can also “meet” to your friends and receive a QR code to
  • Team up with one, two, or three friends to complete additional Reset Campaign missions and objectives together. You can find the additional missions and objectives in the “Missions” tab of Fortnite
  • As you complete additional Reset Campaign missions and objectives, your participating friends and you will earn points

What are the free rewards?

  • 50 dots: lucky smile emoticon
  • 100 points: indomitable packaging
  • 150 points: Yoki Companion Hiking Accessory
  • 200 points: triple claw beak
  • I leave you with an image of them below so you can see them with your own eyes

Which friends can participate?

  • A “new or returning to the game” player Anyone who has played Fortnite for less than 2 hours in the 30 days prior to May 1, 2023 is eligible
  • For his part, an “active” player is someone who has played further 2 hours in Fortnite within 30 days prior to May 1, 2023

Well, there you have all the free rewards for this Fortnite event and how they are obtained. What do you think of these freebies from Epic Games?

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