One more Saturday, the Telecinco program presented by Paz Padilla, Let yourself be loved, welcomed one of the most famous faces of our country on its set to grant its most personal interview. This time it was Rafael Ojeda, who we all know as Falete, who spoke about some details of his birth that caused him a disability for all the life.

We know the artist for his emblematic staging with which he has surprised us on many occasions, as well as for his voice. We saw him jump off a diving board in Splash. celebrities by the sea and in Come have dinner with me. Gourmet Editionbut he had never opened the doors of his most intimate life to us.

Falete went to the set to surprise her mother Isabel Rojas, but she wanted to speak openly with the comedian first. why you were born with brachial palsy a collarbone injury she suffered during childbirth and which was the cause of this small handicap from which she continues to suffer today in her right shoulder.

“I hurt my collarbone”

Falete began by explaining that the delivery was “very successful”. His mother was barely fifteen years old, she gained 45 kilos during her pregnancy and he Before I was born, I already weighed six kilosTherefore, after several hours of work, when it was removed, the collarbone was damaged, causing “brachial palsy”, he explained in a neutral tone.

Paz Padilla, surprised, wanted to ask him if he felt a limitation during a movement with his arm: “In mobility, you can’t finish moving your hand well, you can’t lift your arm, you have certain limitations,” he said. So the two decided to throw in some humor and joked about how he dances Sevillanas: “I pick up everything here,” he said, referring to the fact that he does it here. below.

Continuing the interview and after Falete’s remarks, the presenter became interested in if it had ever made him feel any complex in his life“Fortunately, I don’t know what this word means. Thank goodness. I urge everyone who feels this to be brave and not let this word have a place in their lives,” he said. “Neither at school nor in the family, that’s what really matters,” he stressed.

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