At a time when families across the state are facing rising costs for so many essentials, including food and fuel, a Florida prepaid plan is keeping the price stable.

The Florida Prepaid College Board urges families to secure these risk-free plans, which are also inflation-proof, meaning once a family secures their monthly payment, it will never increase. Plans start at $45 per month and offer flexibility, including nationwide usage.

Open enrollment now extends through April 30 and is the only annual window during which families can lock in future tuition.

Florida Prepaid Plan Information:

• Nearly 28,000 families have purchased prepaid plans so far this year, guaranteeing the future cost of college.

• With a prepaid plan, families are protected against future tuition increases.

• Prices for the prepaid plan start at $45/month for a newborn.

• All prepaid plans are guaranteed by the State of Florida so families never lose their investment, and a child has up to 10 years after graduating from high school to use the plan. Yo

• If a child attends a private or out-of-state college, Florida Prepaid will pay the same amount they would pay at a public college or university in Florida.

• This year, families can purchase a 4-year Newborn Florida College package for as low as $181 per month or a 2-year Florida College package for just $54 per month.

• In addition to other plan options, the board offers a one-year Florida College plan that starts at $45 per month and covers 30 college credit hours.

• Multiple family members can purchase a one-year Florida College Plan for the same child, sharing the cost of college savings.

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