Now we just have to enjoy the new preview of Alpha, Aitana’s highly anticipated third studio album. After Bootyr(2019)y 11 reasons (2020), the Spanish star returns to his old habits with a new project with which he hopes to surprise all his followers. And it is that the singer has taken care of this new stage to the millimeter.

But what do we know of Alpha? Thanks to the last live broadcast in which Aitana performed on his Instagram account, we know new details about this new album. And a great album is coming!


The only songs that will be part of Alpha that we already know are En el coche and Formentera. These are the two most danceable tracks from the singles released by Aitana last year. Two songs that perfectly match what Aitana describes about her new album: an album full of house influences.

This way other songs like To want oh Berlin they stay off the album. Also butterfliesthe spanish version of Butterflies by sangiovanni, which has become one of his most listened to songs in recent months.

Moreover, during the live, he connected Mauricio Rengifo, via his Cali y El Dandee account to give us a hint on one of his favorite songs. The producer, who has worked with Aitana for years, revealed which is one of the songs he worked on. Of course, he only wrote three letters: L- –S. What do you think the words are?

The singer confessed that Alpha will have ballads: “It’s an album with references to the 90s and 2000s. These are songs with more movement, but they include ballads, really”,

About Collaborations

Aitana was clear about whether there will be songs with other artists in Alpha. And the answer was categorical: “It’s not going to be a collaborative album. I’m really sorry. I just see something. Maybe one or two songs, but I wanted it to be more my own album”.

The production of Alpha

Aitana confessed to making this record “pretty quickly”. The singer confessed that she had been making songs since 2020, but didn’t know where to put them. “It was clear to me that I wanted to do something more electronic,” he admits live.

Aitana says that it was thanks to her last trip to Los Angeles in early 2023 that she composed Alpha:

“I started doing a lot of songs, but I felt that they didn’t all have a line, because of the things that end up happening in people’s lives. Of course, I write my own songs .When I went to Los Angeles last January, I wrote a brand new record.”

Come on, the Catalan wrote the album in less than three months. “It was like letting everything go. I’m very happy with what’s to come,” he confessed.

When is Alpha coming out?

“The record is not imminent. It’s not that it’s going to come out now. A lot of things are going to happen before the record. And I’m very happy”, The artist announced the release date of the album. Come on, we’ll have to wait a few months to be able to listen to it in full. Of course, it looks like Los Angeles won’t be the only breakthrough we hear.

Party: Alpha House

“Alpha is not just my next album. There are going to be a lot of things around this project. Like the house sessions, which are going to be parties all over the world. That’s why I want to do the first one in Madrid, to see how it works. But I also want to do it in Argentina, Mexico…”

“It’s an 18+ party. Ultimately, Los Angeles is a song that has a lot of influences from the 90s and 2000s. These songs come from the club, the nightlife, and what better way to introduce them in a club? Obviously in that But that doesn’t mean that the whole concept of Alpha is for adults.”

Los Angeles: the first official single

Although En el coche and Formentera will be on the album, the truth is that Los Ángeles is the first official song to be released from Alpha. One of the questions that has been repeated the most live is why the singer decided to release the song on a Thursday and not a Friday (the day all new music is released).

“As always, they come out on Fridays, because I said I wanted to release it on a Thursday. I’m that kind of person sometimes,” the artist said.

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