UFL’s new uncut game, the next free-to-play rival of the FIFA, PES and EA Sports FC series, has appeared online. There’s no shortage of bugs, but community reaction has been mostly positive.

Studio Strikerz has unveiled new gameplay, this time “uncut” from the UFL: a free-to-play football game launching in 2023 on PS4, PS5, XOne and XSX/S (unless there are further delays). The published footage (available below) is over 8 minutes long and lets you watch an entire game between two unspecified teams.

Obviously, the developer intends to overcome the shortcomings of the license by offering top-notch gameplay. Will he succeed? For the moment, it is difficult to render a definitive verdict. However, community impressions can be described as moderately positive – especially since we are dealing with an alpha version of the game.

The community reports many improvements over Previous game footage, including improvements to player movement, how passes are executed, or defensive play.

Critical reactions are not lacking either. Particular attention has been paid to the low number of animations taken and the fact that they are too fast. The physics of the ball also leaves a bit to be desired. Also, minor and major bugs are not lacking, but this is perfectly understandable at this stage of the work.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Strikerz is on the right track. Will the UFL become a success? We will see, in any case, that the stagnation of the football games segment, which for years has been dominated by FIFA and PES, will soon be broken.

The UFL will partly contribute to this, and partly the fact that Electronic Arts no longer creates FIFA, but its own “kick game” – EA Sports FC. However, Gianni Infantino and his team have no intention of giving up and plan to continue the series without EA.

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