Pablo Motos had a new guest this Wednesday evening at The anthill. The Antena 3 show had a most musical week and after receiving Sebastián Yatra on its set, it welcomes the young singer for the first time. Emily.

The young Chilean attended the show to talk about her career and his concert at Las Ventas next Friday, March 17. “It’s my first concert in Madrid and I’m very excited. I’m bringing my first album, which I released last year,” she replied enthusiastically.

Moreover, he gave an opinion on his next performance in the capital and announced that there will be unexpected guestsboth women and men.

The connection between Emilia and Duki

In this sense, Pablo Motos did not want to miss the opportunity to ask young Emilia about her relationship with dukisinger who was sitting on this same set a few days ago.

Although the relationship between the two has come to an end, much to the chagrin of their thousands of fans, they continue to enjoy a cordial and friendly relationship. “He is wonderful, he is a very charismatic guy”the Chilean responded emotionally when asked about him.

“I can list millions of things, but I like his sensitivityhe’s a bear, he’s very sensitive and he has a big heart,” he continued.

When asked how a relationship between two stars unfolds, Emilia replied quite naturally: “We understand each other very well, we were able to understand our careers and we accompany each other far away“.

In As if it didn’t matter, the two artists collaborated together to create the theme. Although the chemistry between the two was more than obvious, at that time people still didn’t know that they were already together, but they were: “People noticed in the music video, it was kind of obvious”.

In addition to his relationship with his ex-partner, he also spoke of other curiosities, such as that his parents “adore Duki” or that she indulges in a few whims in the dressing room like “chocolate strawberries, whiskey or ginger tea”.

If she hadn’t been a singer, she would have become a baker

He also spoke of one of his great idols, Rosalía: “She drives me crazy, it seems to me that she has changed things, I admire her too much.”

Similarly, Emilia recounted in the anthill How did your debut as a singer go and although started uploading covers to social networks when her voice was not yet trained, and at only 13 or 14 years old she could sing well. The rest we all know.

But what would have happened to Emilia if she hadn’t been a singer? She is clear: “If my access to learning music hadn’t started, I would be working in my parents’ bakery.”

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