6% of the workforce will soon be laid off despite the company claiming to be in a strong moment

I don’t like this news at all, especially because we’re talking about a lot of people who will go straight into unemployment. Hopefully this is temporary and all workers can opt for a new job soon, but the truth is that almost 800 workers of electronic arts (6%) of staff will soon be laid off as reported by colleagues GamesIndustry.

EA clarified that its economic and global position remains very strong around the world and that these layoffs will be focused on further restructuring and improvements to the business and future strategy, so it is necessary to let go of some employees in order to move forward in other strategies.

EA will lay off 6% of its staff

  • The last annual report of EA said it employed 12,900 people worldwide at the end of March 2022
  • And 6% off would have put the total number of layoffs at around 775
  • He CEO of EA, Andre Wilsonpointed out that the company was “operating from a position of strength”
  • It will focus on a handful of future strategic priorities: create games with great communities
  • This is the hardest part, and we work through the process with the utmost care and respect
  • we provide opportunities for our colleagues to transition to other projects
  • When this is not possible, We offer severance pay and additional benefits such as healthcare and career transition services
  • Wilson said the publisher hopes to continue reporting to affected employees at the start of its next fiscal year, which begins April 1

Unfortunately, these things happen in the best families and we hope that all will be well and that the former employees can soon be relocated and have a new job. EA Please don’t waste it anymore.

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