Leaks have been very common throughout the FIFA 23 season, but now they’re even emerging about EA Sports FC. For example, yesterday we talked about several pointed to possible icons. And recently, the Twitter account @FootSheriff (the usual leaker) commented How could the Ultimate Team market be in the next edition?.

He says there will be a market, something that is not new. But it should be noted that, as he says, we would only have a market for PS, Xbox and Origin. Consequently, consoles would share the market with PC users, which had never happened before.

Until FIFA 22, Xbox and PlayStation had their own separate markets in Ultimate Team. In FIFA 23 they were unified, and although we could play against PC rivals through cross-play, they maintained their own market. But as he points @FootSheriff, that would change next season. And honestly, I don’t know how that might affect the price of players.

Currently, we can support PC users from next-gen consoles by enabling cross-play, but we don’t share a market. However, it looks like that could change at EA Sports FC.

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