Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has achieved something very difficult with this adaptation of the popular board game: win the approval of fans and new viewers. Throughout the film, we experience a series of epic adventures with its diverse cast of characters. Between all of these action moments, we see many abilities, spells, and artifacts that are direct references to items from the Dungeons & Dragons playbooks.

The end of Revel

  • This prison where we see Holga and Edgin trapped at the beginning of the film was not part of the official board game material.
  • Although it was created for these scenes on tape, due to its delays, it was introduced in one of the best-known game modules.
  • This freezing prison appears in the adventure Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.
  • If you want to experience your own adventures in the frozen desert, you can buy it and play the module with a group of friends.

The Arpers and their insignia

This group, to which Edgin belongs, is one of the most well-known factions in the Forgotten Realms. It is the primary setting for many of the board game’s campaigns, and the role of the Harpers is to preserve history and protect the innocent from harm. Those who belong to the organization they wear the silver insignia seen on the protagonist’s cape. These ornaments are enchanted with protect them from spells that can read their minds.

The Red Wizards of Thay and Szass Tam

  • Edgin and his companions fight this powerful and dangerous faction for much of the film.
  • The nation of Thay was one of the meanest places in Faerûn for a long time.
  • Despite this, with the arrival of the reign of Szass Tam, the situation worsened even further.
  • On the tape we see his rise to power and his quest for immortality through necromancy.
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The Invisibility Pendant

The necklace worn by Kira, Edgin’s daughter, is a powerful jewel that has the ability to make its wearer invisible. These types of mystical items are highly coveted in the world of Dungeons & Dragons for their rarity and power. Of course, in the rules of the board game no invisibility pendants, as only rings and cloaks are shown with this property.

kira dungeons and dragons

chain of light

  • There are many spells in Dungeons & Dragons that allow a wizard to harness the power of electricity, but Chain Lightning is one of the most powerful.
  • Although the spell deals moderate damage, what makes it more impressive is that can hit multiple targets in a closed area.
  • The red magician Sofina used this spell to neutralize the guards in the treasure chest of Korrin’s fortress.
chain of light

rust monster

The bane of all adventurers who prefer forged weapons and heavy armour, rust monsters pose a unique threat. Although these creatures are usually tamed, touching them can instantly corrodes even magical metal objects. Two of them can be seen fighting over a piece of scrap metal in an alley in Neverwinter, as Holga and Edgin are led away to be executed.

rust monster

Darksteel Greataxe

  • The great ax that Holga demands from her would-be executioner is made of darksteel, also known as ironstar or dunchalcor among dwarves.
  • It is a magical metal as prized as Mithril in the Forgotten Realms.
  • has the exclusive property of absorb most magical and mundane energies, being insensitive to melting, electricity, acid and frost.
  • This was demonstrated during the battle at the Forges of Never Castle, where Holga’s ax took on a fiery appearance after being dipped in molten metal.
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Sleight of Hand is one of the first spells learned by sorcerer’s apprentices in Dungeons & Dragons. This trick is incredibly versatile, allowing the magic user to perform a variety of minor effects. These include creating random scents and small illusions, turn torches on or off, clean clothes and flavor food.


The Emerald Enclave

Dedicated to nature and neutrality, the Emerald Enclave is so famous for its benevolent deeds as feared for the violence with which they attack those who threaten the sanctity of nature. Although it is largely made up of druids, it welcomes anyone who defends the cause of environmental protection by any means necessary.

emerald enclave

the owl bear

One of the most original magical creatures produced for Dungeons & Dragons, this beast combines the strength of a bear with the mobility and night vision of an owl. Doric transforms into an owl bear every time he fights in Honor Among Thieves, first saving a member of the Emerald Enclave from execution, then in the final battle against Sofina. It is unclear exactly how he does this, as owl bears are not natural animals and druid’s wild form ability only allows regular beasts to polymorph.

owl bear

Themberchaud, the red dragon

While escaping from the Underdark, the group is confronted by a round red dragon named Themberchaud. Raised by the gray dwarves of the city of Gracklstugh, Themberchaud keeps the vast forges of the infamous City of Swords alight and is known by the title of Wyrmsmith. This relationship proved mutually beneficial and Themberchaud fattened by the regular sacrifices of disobedient slaves and surface adventurers was offered to him in exchange for his help. Themberchaud plays an important role in the 2015 Out of the Abyss module.


bigger picture

When the group infiltrates Castle Never, Simon uses a spell to create the illusion of Edgin playing his lute to distract the guards. The image is quite convincing, until Simon loses his concentration. Despite the fact that they don’t name the spell on the tape, it is clear that it is this type of magic.

displacement beast

The moving beast is one of the monsters that inhabit the maze of Neverwinter and one of the most infamous magical creatures in the Forgotten Realms setting. Also known as dirlagraun or omlarca, the displacement beast resembles a large panther with six legs and two tentacles. Although as dangerous as any big cat, Displacer Beasts are notable for their magical ability to bend light, project an illusion of themselves that makes it harder to attack them in a fight.

displacement beast


Searching for weapons in the maze of the arena, Holga almost falls prey to a treasure chest The one who grows his fangs and tries to eat her. This nasty shape-shifting monster is known as a Mimic. They show up as doors, safes and anything that can be touchedthese creatures secrete a sticky slime that causes anyone who touches one to stick to it.


jelly cube

The gelatinous cube is one of the most horrifying creatures in Dungeons & Dragons. Dungeon keepers use transparent, impermeable gelatinous cubes as scavengers, their acidic contact removing dust from any stone surface they slip on. They also quickly deal with anyone unfortunate enough to meet them, but your bones will remain trapped for several weeks as well as any metal, magic items, or gems they carry.

gelatinous cube

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