Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes“was released worldwide in 2022, and in Spain in particular we were able to see it during the summer. The feature film made us discover a story in which Gohan and Piccolo had to face the new threat created by the Red Ribbon Armywhich certainly sparked nostalgia among fans of “Dragon Ball Z“. But, Where is it possible to see the film now that it is no longer present in theaters?

How was the passage of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in theaters?

Before moving on to the platforms that must be reviewed to check where to see the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, I want to do a little review of how it went in its theatrical release:

  • In its Japan premiere, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero it was created as the most watched of its weekendalthough in the following weeks it gradually decreased until it eventually generated a few income lower than the rest of the modern era Dragon Ball films (beginning with The Battle of the Gods).
  • The situation was very different at the international level, where the reception was made with panache. In Spain, for example, it had the best premiere in the history of a Dragon Ball film in our theaters..
In Spain, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was a success
  • On the other hand, adding the film’s international box office, the truth is that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ended grossing more money than ANY modern Dragon Ball movie except Broly.
  • In the data, here’s how things stayed for Dragon Ball Super Super: Hero:
    • Dragon Ball Super: Broly – $131 million
    • Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes – $100.2 million
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of Frieza – $70 million
    • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods – $53 million

Options to watch the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Spanish

And now yes, I tell you how are the prospects with “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” taking into account all the alternatives that one can consider.

Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero with Crunchyroll

  • Crunchyroll was the company that was in charge of the distribution of the film in theaters internationallyit is therefore logically the one that should have power over the other distribution methods.
  • In UNITED STATESfor example, a month and a half ago a physical edition of the film in DVD and Blu-Ray format. Is it available in Spain? Well, the reality is no.
  • On another side, Is it possible to stream Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero via the Crunchyroll service? Neither. For some reason, the platform still has NOT made a single move to incorporate the tape into their catalog, which is surprising considering it was done with Jujutsu Kaisen 0 at the time.

Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero with Select Vision

  • Historically, Selecta Visión has been the distributor that has left us the most content in Spain regarding Dragon Ball. That is to say, at this point, it seems impossible not to have seen at some point some of his legendary content boxes through which to collect ALL anime based on the work of Akira Toriyama.
  • This situation suddenly changed with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, because as I pointed out Crunchyroll was the platform that took over the film’s distribution rights. So how is the situation in this case?
  • Currently, There is NO physical edition of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Spain. Despite the fact that Crunchyroll released it in the USA, here we are still waiting, although so far Crunchyroll has not released anything on DVD or Blu-ray in our country.
  • The latter leaves the door is open to Selecta Visión to license Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for release in physical format in our country, which at this point seems to be one of the main alternatives to be evaluated in the future.
  • On the other hand, let it be clear that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is neither available on AnimeBox nor will it (probably) be. After all, the platform has hardly any Dragon Ball hardware, so it seems highly unlikely that it will end up in said streaming catalog when Selecta Visión isn’t even the original license owner. .

Other platforms like Netflix, HIDIVE or Disney+

  • In Spain we have many other streaming content platforms that have a lot of anime available to them… but This is not the case with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero..
  • Yes, it’s true that once there was a lot of rumors about whether Dragon Ball was going to end up on NetflixBut that’s something that never happened.
  • On the other hand, while Amazon Prime Video has always been closely tied to Selecta Visión premieres, there’s next to nothing Dragon Ball here either. SO, As a first step, any other platforms beyond those dominated by Crunchyroll and Selecta Visión should be ruled out..


As you can check, As of May 3, 2023, the truth is that we have no alternative to see “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” In Spain. What comes closest to it is that The manga “Dragon Ball Super” is responsible for adapting everything that happened during the feature film in paper format, but if what you want is the movie itself…well, that looks bad. Obviously, I don’t expect this to be a situation that lasts forever, but what it is today, there is NO way to watch “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” legally in Spain.

Main characters of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Yes In case you want to know a bit more about the movie In case you haven’t seen it, I say goodbye with the following review of the most important characters of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”:


  • The real protagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Super Herosomething Dragon Ball fans have been asking for for a long time.
  • In Dragon Ball Z everyone could see the huge potential that Gohan had as a warrior. In fact, his father, Goku, always considered him the most potential of all Z-Fighters.
  • What happened to the character? so what his character was not that of his father. Son Gohan didn’t like fighting, instead he wanted to study and research/protect wildlife.
  • Nevertheless, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero gives them that little boost needed for him to be among the strongest warriors again of all Dragon Balls.
gohan super hero
Gohan, ready for battle in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


  • Piccolo, another character who loves Son Gohan took a step back in the franchise as the story arcs unfolded.
  • Previously, whom we should know as Piccolo Jr., he was one of the strongest warriors in all of Dragon Ball. A Namekian who revealed himself until the introduction of the Super Saiyan figurinea power-up he could no longer compete with.
  • However, as with Son Gohan, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero helps Piccolo become relevant again among all who fight for prosperity on Earth.
little super hero
Piccolo regains all his power in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


  • Gohan’s daughter and therefore Goku’s granddaughtera character who has the potential to be really relevant in the future of the franchise.
  • Unlike Gohan, Pan shows a willingness to learn martial arts although he is very small, and it must be remembered that he is the first character born of a hybrid Saiyan and a human. That is to say, it is an enigma in terms of power and potential.
  • In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, we see her as another tiny babybut certainly with projection.
Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes
These two together are pure love

Dr Hedo

  • Grandson of Dr. Gerothat iconic Red Ribbon Army villain who was responsible for creating Androids 19, 18, 17, 16 and supposedly the ones we saw in the Android 13 movie.
  • Dr Hedo nothing really has to do with the figure of Dr. Geroneither by ideal nor by conduct.
  • Although it remains to be seen his presence might not be ephemeraland maybe we’ll find a supporting character that will gain relevance in the future of Dragon Ball.
dr kid super hero
Dr. Hedo, a scientist with more potential than Dr. Gero

Gamma Androids

  • Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 androids are the threat that Dragon Ball Super begins with: Super Heroa new type of android with a power close to the level of a Super Saiyan Blue.
  • These androids are Created by Dr. Hedothus demonstrating that he really has a lot more genius than his grandfather.
  • The Gamma will become highly relevant characters from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and possibly for future franchise events as well.
gamma 1 and gamma 2
Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the Red Ribbon Army’s New Threat

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