PSG.Talon is one of the largest esports organizations operating in competitive League of Legends competition. The organization, which is a collaborative effort between French football club Paris Saint-Germain and esports team Talon, has spent years trying to rise to the top of LoL, and while it has had struggling to gain a foothold in the world championship each year, the two have committed to each other and to this effort.

As announced in a blog post, PSG Esports and Talon will remain together for the next three years and, in addition to supporting the PSG.Talon team, they will both compete in the Pacific Championship Series in Asia with a team known as PSG Esports.

“To partner with a club like PSG is to take our game to new heights,” said Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon Esports. “We are excited about the next three years and look forward to the success we can create together.”

The pair will also continue to seek new business partnerships and expand their content creation efforts.

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