dragonball“y”A play” are surely the two most iconic anime franchises to emerge at this point, a “dad” and a “mom” that have been generating all kinds of discussions on the Internet for decades. In the end, each has its strengths , but As it is logical, the fan always wants his favorite to be favored in the comparisons Now it was possible to see how Makoto Shinkai, the director of the recent “Suzume”, gave his opinion on which of the two animes was his favorite.

Makoto Shinkai talks very clearly about his favorite anime

has been in an interview with DBSChronicles which Makoto Shinkai revealed if it was more like ‘dad’ or ‘mom’, and ultimately this was his response:

  • Between the two, Makoto Shinkai Revealed He Likes Dragon Ball More Than One Piece.
  • Obviously, he didn’t say anything against Eiichiro Oda’s work, but he declared himself as an absolute Dragon Ball fan.
  • In fact, the director of Suzume is such a fan of Akira Toriyama’s work that he He assures he loves her more despite his daughter voicing a character in One Piece Film Red (which by the way, no idea what character it is).
  • Obviously, the answer shouldn’t be too surprising either given that Makoto Shinkai’s generation is the one that saw Dragon Ball flourish as one of the most transcendental jobs the manga industry has embraced in its entire history.

With the movie “Suzume” is now opening internationally (like in Spain for example) seems fitting that we will be seeing more and more interviews with Makoto Shinkai on a variety of different topics. Therefore, the truth is that it is not bad to have this perspective from the prism of “Dragon Ball”, because despite the fact that the franchise is today in retreat at the level of the anime, we must not not forget that It was a reference and a passion for many who, today, are their own referents in the manga and anime industry..

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