As we already announced at the beginning of the year, Cult of the Lamb will receive its first major free update, Relics of the Old Faithavailable on PC and consoles next week, the next April 24.

massive monster there Digital feedback In this new expansion, we are presented with a new story, where players must face new threats and enemies (and the return of the bishops), as well as embarking on Crusades, using new objects: Relics. Relics provide the Lamb with exclusive effects. Relics can be obtained through sermons and to help the player manage them all, they will have a tracking book. Combat improvements have also been implemented by introducing heavy attacks. These allow the lamb to combine learned skills to emerge victorious from battles.

To make the cult’s chores a little easier, new content has been included, such as the new follower role. This role will allow players to assign someone from the herd to prepare meals for the commune. In addition to this, to solve sleeping problems, shared shelters will be available that can accommodate up to 3 followers. A new crypt and decoration accessories have been added, specifically farmhouse signs that encourage worshipers to hold worship services.

Finally, this expansion includes new fan animal species such as; badgers, penguins, raccoons and more and a new photo mode, where players can capture and save their memories.

Worship of the Lamb

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