dragonball“It has many different stages that everyone can remember differently, but it’s true that those of us who lived through the classic ‘Dragon Ball’ era felt more nostalgia for certain elements of the past. So, personally, it seems to me that the new stuffed animals that have been announced by the franchise are simply magical…although incredibly hard to match.

Nostalgia arrives in Dragon Ball in the form of a plush

So I leave you with the only shared image For now, the new Goku and Bulma plushies, although I’ve already said they’re not exactly available to everyone:

It is everything confirmed officially on the new stuffed animals of Goku and Bulma:

  • Basically, with the announcement of the plushes, it was confirmed that these will reach typical crochet machines.
  • Indeed, it is pointed out that They will ONLY be available in arcades that have the aforementioned type of machinery.
  • As some of you know, in Japan the concept of gachapon is a success, but beyond that we can find dozens of arcades dedicated exclusively to containing hook-type machines or derivatives.
  • It means that, At least until further notice, it will be absolutely impossible to buy these plushies of Goku and Bulma in their classic Dragon Ball outfits.. Will it stay like this forever? Who knows, but chances are that this “promotion” will stay as it is for a while.

The truth is, I can’t say I like the way the announcement was made because the truth is, I don’t. I don’t understand the need to launch two plushies exclusively for arcades in Japan when it is more than obvious that these are products that many would be delighted to have at home.. I don’t know how long it will take but I hope that eventually these “Dragon Ball” plushies will eventually become available in other ways that are more accessible to everyone.

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