Dragon Ball GT“There were a lot of things that people didn’t like, like an attempt to go back to the roots of”dragonball“(unsatisfactory) or the fact that many characters who had shown great power in “Dragon Ball Z“seemed to lose all thirst for combat. The one who most clearly reflected all of this was Vegeta, who he let his aspirations to surpass Goku go so far that he even created a rather ridiculous “look” for what was once the Prince of the Saiyans (yes, even worse than when he wore his mythical pink shirt).

Ridiculous? Well yes, but this Vegeta with a mustache from Dragon Ball GT is also unforgettable

Even so, ridiculous doesn’t mean it can’t be iconic. This is why the cosplayer @alaskajere he wanted to please us with a fairly faithful cosplay of that iconic mustachioed Vegeta from “Dragon Ball GT”:

Vegeta with a mustache, closer to a nightmare than a fashionable idol

Honestly, aside from the fact that there’s no way an “outfit” like this will suit someone, the truth is that the cosplayer did her best to nail Vegeta’s “look”. Particular emphasis should also be placed on the hairdressingabout which although one might miss that completely straight horizontal cut which only begs me to say ‘because‘, you can also point out that get this little peak shape at the purest ‘M’ from McDonald’s.

By the way, about “Dragon Ball GT” and some of the things I mentioned before, maybe there are those who want to know in a concrete way why it was decided that Goku should become a child again. Well, it really is a topic for which an official explanation was provided at the time, and then I’ll leave you with an article that includes everything that is known about it:

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