Thinking of buying Batman: Arkham Knight on sale?  read this first

Thinking of buying Batman: Arkham Knight on sale? read this first

This authentic game is on sale in the PlayStation digital store, but I’ll give you a reason why you better not buy it

Video game deals are generally common within the PS Store, the digital store of Sony. But there are usually so many that it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we often bring you personalized recommendations so you can find your next favorite adventure at a great price. However, Today I’m going to do it in a slightly different way. and there’s a great game that’s on sale but which I don’t recommend buying for some reason. Look at!

Offer in the PS Store: from €20 to only €7.99

  • In fact, it is batman arkham knight
  • This title normally costs 19.99€, but with this offer it is only available for 7,99€
    • You can buy it through this link
    • The offer will be available until April 26, so you have a little over 24 hours to get the game
  • This title has a 87″ Metacriticism, proof that it’s a very good game
  • In fact, it’s highly rated by Batman fans and non-fans, the press, and the user community
  • I leave the trailer below:

Why is it better not to buy it?

Yes, I have already commented that it is a very good game, And still I do not recommend your purchase? This has its explanation, and it is that the game is included in PlayStation Plus, specifically in the Bonus level. If you subscribe to the service, then buying it would be silly since you would already have access to the title through the service. And if you’re not a subscriber, the option I recommend is not to buy Batman: Arkham Knight, but to buy an annual PS Plus subscription. With this subscription, you will be able to play the Dark Knight title, as well as enjoy many others who are serving when you’re gone Batman: Arkham Knight. Long-term, this option is much cheaper if you play multiple games.

Still, would it be a good buy?

Of course it’s a good buy! Batman: Arkham Knight It is considered one of the best Batman games of all time. My recommendation is that subscribe to PS Plus Extra and there you take the opportunity to play this title and many others. However, if you are not interested in paying a subscription immediately and there are also no other games you are interested in, buying this work individually for only € 7.99 is a great option.

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