Do you want to go see ‘Vicious Bear’?  Get tickets to the most “addictive” movie with LOS40 Madrid

Do you want to go see ‘Vicious Bear’? Get tickets to the most “addictive” movie with LOS40 Madrid

A bear, a backpack full of cocaine, and a group of hikers who end up prey, what could go wrong? Under this premise Elizabeth Banks directs one of the wackiest, craziest and most impossible films of the season… And, of course, Also one of the most anticipated Premiere March 31.

It is vicious bear It’s based on a true story that took place in Georgia in 1985, and it’s known for being made into a movie in the most comedic and frenetic way possible. With a cast full of faces that will surely ring a bell – they don’t fail Jesse Tyler Ferguson of modern family, Ray Liotta oh Keri Russellamong others—, the film is the perfect opportunity to have a good time with friends, as a couple or even with family; as long as they are not too sensitive.

We’re sure you don’t want to miss one of this spring’s premieres —the best time to watch brown bears, by the way—, and that’s why at LOS40 Madrid we invite you to see the film with the raffle of double tickets to redeem whenever you want. What should you do? Keep reading:

Go to our post LOS40 Madrid and answer our question: “How would you get rid of the vicious bear?” » It is clear that the protagonists of the film live a whole adventure fleeing the great mammal, which goes beyond the instinct of survival to face the absence of a substance that obviously does not belong to its ecosystem. Clearly, the most original answers are the ones that will win the grand prize.

You have from today March 24th to 29th to participate, so hurry up and keep in mind that you will have to think like a vicious bear survivor to take it down. The promotion is valid for estreno in salas hasta that withdraws from the cartelera, including cines de toda España de las cadenas Kinépolis, Cine Sur, Cines ABC, MK2 Palacio de Hielo, Ocine, La Dehesa and Cines ACEC (except Filmax Gran Via). You have the legal bases here.

vicious bear opens March 31 in theaters.

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