People are desperately waiting for April 28 to arrive so they can grab their lightsabers and jump into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, after a very good first title. But there are still people who haven’t gotten their hands on the game yet and are still looking for it but at a very good price. It’s usually difficult when the title hasn’t been released yet, but that’s why I bring you this trick. aim well yes you want to save money on the digital version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Buy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at the best price thanks to Eneba

Well yes it turns out through Eneba you can buy balance for PlayStation Store at the BEST PRICE. Buy these cards instead of buying the game directly you will save a lot of money thanks to this trick. Pay close attention as these are the current Eneba card prices (but you must be aware as they vary)

What to buy for each version

  • If you want the PS5 version: this slope 79.99€, so I advise you to buy the €60 card and another from 20€, which will only cost you just under €70. You save more than 10 euros
  • And if you want the deluxe edition for PS5: it costs 99.99€, for what you can buy a card of 100€, and it will cost you alone something over 80€, that plus management fees, again you will save well over 10 euros
  • But if what you want is enjoy the game on PC, you can buy it directly from Eneba at the price of 59.90€ while stocks last. A very good price knowing that its recommended price is 70 euros

As you can see, saving is quite easy with a little patience and desire. If you have any questions, we can always help you through the comments.

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