Ihe Kings League madness is unstoppable. The league of kings, organized by Gérard Piqu and which brings together great streamers and former players, never ceases to amaze us. Great actors are beginning to take an interest in it, and even personalities by the name of Joaquín are already mentioned.

And the last and unexpected was the response from Raphinha, active player of FC Barcelonawhich also gives a very good level this season. A fan asked him if he would jump to play the Kings League if he received an offer, and the answer, although in the future, was not negative.

Raphinha does not rule out playing

Raphinha does not rule out playing in the Kings League in the futureICT Tac

A Tiktok user ‘venegaas1.0’ posted a video of the winger driving off in his car. In this one, neither short nor lazy, he asks the question: “Raphinha, a question, if you received an offer from the Kings League, would you play?“.

Raphinha, who clearly knows what this is about, smiled, and thought about it for a moment, only to almost immediately reply: “The League of Kings? A die. One from the futureThis caused a stir among fans of the competition, who imagine players of their level jumping into the Cupra Arena.

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