I tell you everything you need to know about the first episode of this second season

Just yesterday the first program of the second season of Distaster Chefs took place, the Ibai event in which he invites different celebrities from the world of streaming and other fields to face the stoves with the aim of generating two different elements: dishes and memes in equal measure.

That is why in this article I want bring you a summary of how the program was, straight and to the point, with all the key data about it so those of you who missed it can catch up in minutes. In this way, below I leave you with the list of teams that have participated and how they have performed in each test.

These are the participants of the first Disaster Chefs 2 program

  • Representing pigs: Gemita, the president of Porcinos for the Queens League, and Hugo Fraile, one of his players.
  • Representing the trunks: Perxitaa and Violeta G.
  • Representing the xBuyer team: Javi and Eric Ruiz, the Buyer brothers.
  • Representative El Barrio: Adri Contreras and María Teresa, the club president’s mother.
  • Representing Rayo de Barcelona: Spursito and Kiwi.
  • Jijantes representative: Gerard Romero and Victor Navarro.

This is how the results of the first test were

  • The first test of the program was to make a dish in 30 minutes with chickpeas as a mandatory ingredient.
  • The winners were Perxitaa and Violeta with its plate of hummus
  • Brother Gemita and Hugo were eliminated in this first round

This is how the results of the second test were

  • The second test consisted prepare another dish in 30 minutes, but this time the main ingredient was eggplant
  • Gerad Romero and Víctor Navarro were the winners of this round with its eggplant omelet
  • The Buyers were eliminated in this second round
the buyers

So were the final test results

  • just like This usually happens in the final tests of Disaster Chefs, it was to cook a full menu
  • Adri Contreras and his mother Mª Teresa were the winners of this first program
  • This implies that they will be participants in the grand finale of this season 2
adri contreras

Some best moments from Disaster Chefs 2 Show 1

Perxitaa is cut live

At the shout of Enter the toilet! of Ibai, the program was paralyzed for a few seconds because Perxitaa cut herself with a knife in full live. I leave you with the clip that I recovered Ifares921 on Youtube below so you can see the moment:

Ibai’s awkward failure with Masi

It all happened when Ibai wanted to send a hello to the Disaster Chefs 2 presenter’s grandfatherwell… the rest of the meme is only done if you see this video which includes world of streamers from the moment:

When is Disaster Chefs 2 Show 2?

  • In the first season the programs They used to air fortnightly, but this time it will be very different
  • Masi and Ibai commented that the second program of this edition will take place on April 26
  • He can be seen via Ibai’s own Twitch channel
  • This is the link of it so you have it handy
  • Regarding the schedules, there is no confirmed one yet, but it is expected to be the same as the first program
  • That is to say very likely set to air at 7:30 p.m. (Spanish time)

Well, that’s all I had to tell you about the first Disaster Chefs 2 program; What do you think of the premiere of this new season? I read you in the comments.

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