Bungie has released the new expansion for Destiny 2, Destiny 2: Eclipse, for all platforms. In Eclipse, the penultimate chapter in Destiny 2’s ongoing Light and Darkness saga, Guardians will encounter the evil forces of the Shadow Legion, explore a secret city hidden on the surface of Neptune, and discover a new underworld. – class based on Darkness: binding.

In Eclipse, the Guardians will have to stop the Witness and his new disciple, Calus, to prevent the apocalypse. Along the way, they will come across the Legion of Shadow and their terrifying and formidable executioners, determined to devastate the technological city of Neomuna.

Guardians will harness the power of a new subclass in Eclipse. The tether will allow them to play with the threads that connect the universe, opening up a whole new world of combat and movement possibilities. Tether brings powerful new attacks for each Guardian class that can be used in extraordinary ways, as well as the new Hook ability that will greatly increase movement and traversal options in the game.

Eclipse will debut Season of Resistance, which releases on the same day as the expansion. In it, the Guardians will have to answer the call to arms of Mara Sov and the Queen’s Guard to investigate the pyramid outposts that have sprung up across the planet and resist humanity’s greatest enemies. Additionally, Guardians will have the opportunity to delve into Resistance Battlegrounds, a new three-player activity that will be available with the new season. This time they will have to use their new insomniac powers to open portals to the Ascended Plane and challenge the Legion of Shadows.

First world race in the new raid: March 10

Shortly after the release of Eclipse, Bungie will introduce the new raid: Nightmare Root. Destiny Raids are high-level activities designed for six seasoned Guardians who want to test not only their combat skills, but also their ability to work as a team, make quick decisions, and emerge victorious from seemingly impossible challenges.

Eclipse owners will be able to access “Nightmare Root” on March 10 at 6:00 PM ET. With the launch of the raid, Bungie’s competition to crown the first team in the world to complete it will also begin. Each member of the winning team will earn a unique World’s First belt, as well as World’s First title recognition. A few days after the launch of the raid, the name of the winning team of the world premiere will be officially announced.

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