Destiny 2’s next big expansion was released the night before last, and it seems to have been very important for the game itself. Anyone who tried to log into the game when Eclipse launched, due to server saturation, had to wait a bit before being able to log in to see how the arrival of The Witness in the solar system affected it. affected. And in addition, with this a new player record was set.

As reported on SteamDB, Destiny 2 hit a new all-time high on Valve’s platform on the night of February 28, when around 10:00 p.m. ET, 316,750 people were playing the game.

As a comparison of Eclipse’s size for Destiny 2 (on Steam at least), the previous player record was set in 2019 when the game left and went free-to-play, subsequently hitting 292,513 players. The Eclipse version surpassed that figure by over 20,000 players.

There’s no way to tell how many players logged into Destiny 2 yesterday across all platforms, but one thing we can see is that Lightfall is off to an astronomical start.

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