The co-worker named as a suspect by the friends of Delfina Pan, the Argentine graphic designer who was stabbed to death last Monday in the American city of Miami, was accused of murder in the second degree and will be transferred to jail, police sources reported.

According to NBCMiami, spokesmen for the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) indicated that it is Agustín Mariani, who was also injured in the same incident, as a result of an alleged suicide attempt , and was admitted to a hospital in the area.

“Agustín Lucas Mariani, 20, faces a second-degree murder charge for the murder of Delfina Pan, 28,” it was stated in that news portal.

According to the police report, Mariani, who worked as a bartender at the same restaurant as the victim, showed up at Pan’s apartment and apparently stabbed her because, according to a friend of the young woman, he was “obsessed” with her.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, police personnel found the suspect lying on top of Pan and with stab wounds to the torso. Both were transferred to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where the attacked young woman died of her injuries and the suspect was admitted.

According to the investigations, in the restaurant where the two worked, they discovered that a knife from the bar was missing, which had the characteristics of the one used in the crime. Finally, the spokesmen consulted indicated that the accused is expected to be transferred to a prison when he is discharged from the hospital.

Friends and relatives of the victim held a memorial service at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church last Wednesday.

The femicide

From Miami, Delfina’s friend who worked in the same restaurant  as the victim and the alleged aggressor, and who preferred not to disclose her identity, told Todo Noticias (TN) channel that the attacker is a “21-year-old boy, Argentine, from Bella Vista “.

“I was obsessed with my friend. They never had anything. She was kind to him because of the fear he had of him,” he said and described the suspect, whom he identified by name and surname, as “super weird.”

“There were other situations such as a struggle when they wanted to put him in a car, he cried … he called her at any time …  It is clear that it was him,” he said.

Regarding what happened on the day of the crime, this friend said that Delfina “finished her work shift, he had to continue working but after two hours he left his place and disappeared”, after which, “he attacked her and he attacked himself” .

And she added: “I’m almost sure everything was planned. She was just about to move. He left everything in order at work and abandoned all WhatsApp groups. He had everything calculated,” he added.

This friend clarified that Delfina “never” made a complaint for “fear” and that she said “go to know what this crazy person does to you.” He also said that the obsession began about three months ago, when he “from one day to the next sat her on a chair and told her that he was in love with her.”

In addition, he questioned that in the restaurant  when they alerted him to the fact they told him “but he is in love.” “Nothing was known about him. He made comments that were from a person who was not sane. Rude, cynical. But no one was going to imagine that it would end like this,” he added.

In her social networks, Delfina described herself as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and had almost 1,500 followers.

He also published his own portfolio with his work done for different well-known brands and had his own Facebook page with the name “delfidsn”.

The moment of the crime

After the crime, a neighbor of the apartment complex where the victim lived said: “I felt a woman saying ‘help, help’, so I looked out the window and saw her running down the sidewalk asking for help.”

While a neighbor also told that channel that he still cannot believe what happened and recalled that on the day of the incident, when he went to work, he saw the aggressor when he went up to the victim’s apartment.

Consular sources and the local police said that the graphic designer who lived in the United States was attacked on Monday afternoon (6:24 p.m. local time) in a house located on 7330 Harding Avenue, in an area where a large number of commercial premises operate, restaurants and hotels, in North Beach, in the aforementioned city in the state of Florida.

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