Although in recent times there has been little hope in the fight against cancer thanks to this vaccine which should stop in 2030, the truth is that the disease still leaves us with great tragedies. It will be late for people like Patricia Rite who died after several years trying to recover from metastatic cancer.

Many know her because she was a suitor of Lucas Ablatico In Women and men and vice versa. She was one of my best friends Marina Ruizthat as soon as she heard the news, she shared a video in her stories crying and thanking for all the love they had given her friend.

“Thank you for being with her, now she’s watching over us from heaven,” she said, barely able to speak, “fucking fucking cancer”. And she shared a video of the two together talking about the importance of always saying “I love you.”


“Today, Patricia left us. His mother and loved ones ask for respect in these difficult times. Thank you to everyone who, in one way or another, gave him support and love during this time. Directly and indirectly,” read the statement shared by Patricia’s family.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, he hasn’t been shy about taking to social media to share his experience. He told his exploits and his bad news to all his followers, quickly becoming a benchmark for improvement and struggle. And always, with that smile and that self-confidence that characterized her.

“Busy week what was going to start treatment last Tuesday was finally admitted to hospital and treatment was given on Friday and since then I was throwing up and had a bad body until yesterday I couldn’t get myself separate toilet and I felt terrible. Today I’m a little stronger, since yesterday I haven’t vomited and I started eating, which I haven’t done since Friday and it’s starting to feel good. Let’s go little by little ,” was the last thing he commented on April 5.


She spent her last days hospitalized due to the severe pain she suffered. And finally, the tragic outcome arrived. “A big hug to the whole family, I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. “, he commented. The blonde neighbor. How sad, how unfair I’m so sorry “, added the young actress fulgencio moon. And they weren’t the only ones, the networks were filled with goodbye messages.

From there, we join the messages of condolences for the family and we send a huge kiss to Patricia wherever she is.

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