Patricia Rite, during her participation in the show ‘MyHyV’ (Telecinco)

Patricia Riteex-participant of the Telecinco program ‘Women and men and vice versa‘, died aged 30 from skin cancer he had been battling with for some time. The family of the young woman took charge of sharing this sad news, thus confirming the worst fears after several days of absence on social networks, where Rite was very active.

“Today, Patricia left us. His mother and loved ones ask for respect in these difficult times. Thank you to all the people who in one way or another gave him support and love during this time. Directly and indirectly”, expresses the text of his relatives.

There influencer He used to share with his more than 90,000 followers his daily life against a metastatic cancer It started with a mole. It was at the beginning of last March that he announced in tears a worrying news: his last scan indicated that the cancer had spread.

Despite her options for recovery becoming fewer and fewer, the medical team chose to keep trying throughout the immunotherapy, but Patricia’s delicate condition forced her to stop the treatment and admit her to the hospital due to the severe pain she was suffering. “I’m a little better, I’m a little stronger,” the Andalusian reported in the latest video, shared from the hospital room on her Instagram profile on April 5.

Patricia Rite, in one of her images posted on social networks.
Patricia Rite, in one of her images posted on social networks.

Patricia Rite arrived at ‘MyHyV’ in 2015 as a suitor for the tronista Lukas Ablatico. Despite the fact that she failed to convince him, the program gave her a springboard to stardom which she was able to transfer to her social networks, becoming influencer.

Four years ago, the former clerk announced that she had been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. Since then, he has taken advantage of his public relevance to raise awareness of this disease and show its day-to-day treatment, becoming a young face in the fight against cancer.

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