On Saturday morning, an individual shot with a firearm inside the Dallas Methodist Medical Center, leaving two fatalities, both hospital employees, according to police.

The man, currently unidentified, shot the two workers in cold blood. Shortly after, a police officer from the medical center confronted the shooter and shot him.

On the ground and badly injured, he was arrested, stabilized and taken to another hospital.

After what happened, the Methodist Health System released a statement to show his pain at the loss of his companions.

“The Methodist Health System family is heartbroken by the loss of two of our beloved team members,” the statement read. “Our prayers go out to our lost co-workers and their families as well as our entire Methodist family. We appreciate the support of the community during this difficult time.”

At the moment it is known that the victims were two maternity nurses, but there is no further information developed on the case and the investigation, according to the Dallas police, continues its course.

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