First under the name of El Pescao then claiming his name and surnames, David Otero Based on hard work, talent and perseverance, he has achieved a remarkable solo career that has made him one of the most beloved national artists by the public.

And after two years of record silence since the publication of Otero y yo in 2021, the album in which with friends he breathed new life into some of his most successful compositions, the Madrid artist has decided to launch his new album.

We don’t say it, but it was the performer himself who left a testimony on his official Instagram account that his new record project has begun. And how ! Because in the image that accompanies the text we can appreciate hundreds of video thumbnails whose meaning is explained to us by the soloist himself.

“It’s the summary of a year and a half of composing songs… so far, 35 ideas that I like, another 150-200 rejected! I think that’s a good number to activate the plan” New album” !!!” wrote David Otero on his official Instagram account.

It is clear that the musician, who was part of El Canto del Loco during the first decade of the 21st century, He hasn’t been idle since his previous work was revealed. Moreover, he seems to be in a good creative moment where the ideas just keep flowing.

Some end up being suitable for him while others apparently won’t be used to form part of his next studio album. Nearly 200 abandoned songs is a fairly large figure that clearly shows that the Madrid native continues to play, write and be inspired by the muses.

We will now have a waiting time until the performer polishes and shapes these valid songs which will parade through the recording studio and form his new LP. An album, the sixth of his solo career, which currently has no title to our knowledge, no definitive list of songs, and obviously no release date. Although we are crossing our fingers that it will be that same 2023 where we can appreciate his work.

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