Ana Morgade confesses what is the big threat in children’s music now and many mothers will understand it

Ana Morgade confesses what is the big threat in children’s music now and many mothers will understand it

Ana Morgade made her maternity debut on March 17, 2020. Three years have passed, and she has already fully immersed herself in the world of children at the hands of her daughter. This week has passed Showrianoon Movistar +, and he confessed what is the children’s song he hates the most.

“Right now, the big threat to my daughter’s generation is Luli Pampinshe’s an Argentine girl against whom I have nothing personally, Luli, we love you, but Luli is the new Cantajuegos. The cantajuegos right now, no, it’s like El Rubius, no more love, they’re already very old“says what seems to have become the new prescriber of children’s music.

Some children learn about animals with Zeno’s Farm, but it seems that at home they preferred Luli. “It’s an Argentina who not sexualized at all. She speaks for all the public and makes children’s songs, ”explained the comedian to Eva Soriano who would remain with his mouth open when one of his songs began to play in the background and Ana Morgade would begin to sing and dance the choreography that accompanies these songs.

Sure that many mothers will have felt identified because there comes a time when those songs that you end up repeating a million times just get into you and it’s hard to get them out of your head for a long period of time.

international penis day

It must be that, to counter, Eva Soriano decided to go through other paths and we could see her sing a new song dedicated to International Penis Day on her show which is celebrated every April 26.

This dark night, it might be a joy, with a lunar moon movement, my vagina a full and powerful river“, he said in his song and all in this tone full of feeling. A theme that sounded to the rhythm of Pen, pen, pen and it gave us a very authentic feeling.

It is clear that, in his program, anything can happen.

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