There are a lot of things needed for a relationship to be successful, but without a doubt, the most important thing is humor and the philosophy to live life with and David and Victoria Beckham know a lot about that.

This is not the first time they give us a lesson of couple goal vibebecause it is very common to see them training together in the gym or even daring to do challenge sports with which we create the need to join the gym. Although, without a doubt, if you have to get wet, the favorites of his followers are those who both go out in the kitchen.

Despite past setbacks, the Beckhams have shown that love can with everything and that to this day they continue to remain as united as on the first day. David and Victoria have four children and form a very close family. From the oldest, Broolyn Beckham, to the youngest, Harper Seven.

They love spending time with their family and it’s something they make it clear to us very often, however, we didn’t know that one of their favorite hobbies was salsa dancing. So… indoor video!

The video that sweeps the networks

As David Beckham tells in the post he shared, the original plan was for her and her daughter Harper Seven to go to those salsa lessons, however, David could not resist these Latin rhythms and signed up. The result? a video that left no one in vain.

“Salsa lesson,” the ex-footballer wrote in a video where he was seen having fun with the fashion designer. They were both dressed in black, Victoria for her part in stilettos, while David in black sneakers.

A post that It didn’t take him long to receive comments from his fans and friends:

  • “OMG!!! Thank you guys you are so amazing.
  • “I like it for several reasons.”
  • “Wow dad, I’m impressed,” his son wrote.
  • “As Papu Gómez moves well”.
  • Dancing with the stars?
  • “Hahahaha, I love that.
  • “When you said you were busy, I had no idea what you meant!!!!
  • “Please, no one liked these pants as well as he did.”

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