Disney Dreamlight Valley has become a veritable paradise in the jungle thanks to The Lion King update. The valley is full of Rey Leon-Inspired items, crafting materials and adorable characters like Nala and Simba. Before you can bring Nala home, you need to complete her “Eyes in the Dark” quest. Completing this quest is crucial to bringing Nala back to the valley, so let’s begin this crazy ride.

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Eyes in The Dark Quest at Disney Dreamlight Valley Walkthrough

To start, you need to find the entrance to The Lion King kingdom in Dreamlight Castle. is adorned with The Lion King logo and thorny vines. To open the door, you will need to spend 10,000 Dreamlight, which can be quickly obtained by completing Dreamlight tasks such as cooking or harvesting. Once inside, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure to find Nala’s lost companion, Simba. These are the steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Dig up dry thorn bushes at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gamepur screenshot

Get your hands dirty and dig up dried thorn bushes.

  1. With the shovel equipped, work the bushes around the edge of the dry oasis.
  2. Pick up the little bags of blue seeds from the ground.
  3. Then head to the ledge and locate five holes nearby.
  4. Plant the thornbush seeds in each hole.
  5. Equip your shower to offer them a good drink

Step 2: Find a way to enter the cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gamepur screenshot

To find your way into the cave, you must break the giant tree stumps blocking the entrance, then cross the cave.

Step 3: Lower the log near the waterfall in Disney Dreamlight Valley

03 Waterfall DiaryGamepur screenshot

To locate the log near the waterfall, you must climb the hill next to the waterfall.

  1. equip pickaxe
  2. Go to the base of the registry.
  3. break the rock below
  4. With Simba now in tow, head to Nala’s location to reunite the pair.

Step 4: Collect Disney Dreamlight Valley Creatures

04 Get BugsGamepur screenshot

To get the three types of bugs needed to cook a meal for Nala, you’ll need to explore Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

  1. Dig up the colorful creatures in the dry oasis using your shovel
  2. Catch slime bugs by fishing in Nala and Simba’s river.
  3. Dig tree trunks in the jungle to catch the tricky red bugs.
  4. Once you have all the bugs, return to Simba.

Step 5: Prepare Bug Dishes at Disney Dreamlight Valley

05 Kitchen BugsGamepur screenshot

To prepare the perfect critter dishes, precision is essential, because you won’t get a second chance. But don’t worry; the game will hold your hand.

  1. Open your cookbook
  2. Locate the recipe for the insect repellent dish
  3. Duplicate it three times
  4. You will need two colored bugs, two red bugs and one slimy bug
  5. Cook them and serve them to Nala for a satisfying meal.

Step 6 – Fix Broken Audio System at Disney Dreamlight Valley

06 Fix the sound systemGamepur screenshot

To repair the broken audio system, you need some resources.

  1. Gather ten softwoods and ten hardwoods from the Glade of Trust, the Peaceful Meadow, the Forest of Valor, or the Square
  2. Acquire two Iron Ingots in Sunny Plateau or Trust Glade Mining
  3. Once you have everything, take it to the workbench, find the PA system under the furniture and fix it.
  4. Return the audio system to Nala

Step 7: Place the Pride Rock house for Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley

07 Place at home for NalaGamepur screenshot

Now you need to build the Pride Rock house for Nala, which you need to buy from Scrooge for 15,000 Star Coins. Once the place is built, Nala can reach the valley.


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