live date“has become one of the most followed anime franchises over the years, and it is that in the end it surely offers one of the most curious romance proposals that can be found in the sector (and it’s not nothing to say something just like that.) The popularity of the brand is such today that it was enough to announce a season 5 after the conclusion of Season 4. Now we have the first official teaser of this next season of “Date A Live”.

Season 5 of the Date A Live anime is unveiled for the first time

Having said all that, I leave you with the teaser they shared today for with season 5:

On another side, keep in mind the following things on the future of the “Date A Live” anime:

  • In this point, There is no release date or season for Date A Live season 5. Personally, I think this implies that the anime will most likely return by 2024.
  • Regarding the study, Geek Toys will once again return to the charge as it has already done with season 4. It’s true that there have been studio changes in the Date A Live anime in the past, but that won’t be the case for Season 5.
Date A Live anime season 5 promotional image
  • Also, I think some things need to be pointed out Regarding the amount of Date A Live anime remaining:
    • For those who don’t know, Date A Live is an adaptation of a light novel. of the same name which concluded with a total of 22 manga volumes.
    • Since the beginning of the anime, the first 16 volumes were adapted during the first 4 seasons. This means, logically, that the work was done at the rate of 4 volumes per season.
    • With 6 volumes still fully available, it would be surprising if this was the last season of the Date A Live anime.. Therefore, it’s highly likely that even with the conclusion of Season 5, we’ll eventually see confirmation of other anime stuff (although there isn’t much left, things as they are).

Now, be patient until more details about “Date A Live” Season 5 are revealed. After this first teaser, it is very likely that we will now be a few months without receiving any news from the animeso in any case, better to take it easy, because the premiere will certainly not take place anytime soon.

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