Daniela Requena was one of the great discoveries of the first edition of nightmare in paradise. Since taking part in the reality show, we have seen her in various Mediaset formats and every day there are more following in her footsteps.

One of the last was to undergo an ophthalmological procedure to change eye color which have ceased to be brown, to acquire a lighter and bluer tone. She herself said that she had beenin the operation of 45 minutes with local anesthesia it had been done in a clinic in Madrid.

Immediately the alarms went off and many came out to blame him for announcing an act they deemed dangerous.


Indeed, a student in optics and optometry named Eva Ruiz put the cry in the sky. He claimed not to know who Daniela is, but he assured that “I am terrified that she is influencing people to do this outrageous thing”. The student gave a technical explanation of why she did not consider it appropriate to undergo this potentially blinding surgery.

A video that reached the ears of Daniela that she wanted to qualify. “This girl is talking about surgery and the aftermath of an operation that I did not practice. It’s great that we’re all trying to help each other with the information we have, but that information is real because what this girl has created right now is confusion because I haven’t had that surgery she’s talking about” , he clarified. , “I had keratopigmentation and the consequences she talks about are not real”.

Clarify Malbert

This girl’s video also echoed malbert and denounces the ease with which Daniela shares all her aesthetic touches. She also had a few words for him.

“I’ve spent so many years sharing my process of transitioning as a trans woman, both surgical and emotional, that I’ve shared of my hormones, what they look like and what effects they have and what they feel like my relationships with men and of course even what my operations look like. The video of my vaginoplasty is posted on YouTube because it helps so many people. and I will continue to do so,” he told her before asking her to find out because she is very arrogant and needs someone to calm down.

A few words that have received a lot of criticism because an aesthetic retouch has nothing to do with a transition process.

  • What will changing eye color have to do with the transition?
  • the color change does not paint anything with the transition, the color change is just because you want and that’s it
  • aunt but what does that have to do with it
  • What does eye color have to do with an identity transition hahaha

After messages like these, he again stepped in to make himself understood. “The color of my eyes obviously has NOTHING to do with the transition, but what I mean is that I share almost EVERYTHING about myself. From what I eat, perfume I use or anything to do with my transition,” he explained.

“Without trying, I became a reference or a source of inspiration for people. But I’m not saying what I’m doing is the right thing to do or not. This is what I do in MY BODY and MY LIFE. If my content can help, inspire or just entertain someone, great. And otherwise, nothing happens. But ENOUGH with the hate please“, he ended up writing to respond to the comments on his TikTok.

He also posted a story stating how little he understood all the hate he was receiving and denying that his surgery had anything to do with gender dysphoria. “What she deserves is to go blind,” are the kind of comments she receives that she doesn’t quite understand.

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